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Please send your stories to us.   By email, write to            My Daughter was Murdered for Weed

My 28-Year Journey to Sobriety, Part 1      and My 28-Year Journey to Sobriety, Part 2

A Father’s Warning

Flying Mustaches, Flying Cars and What Next/

My Marijuana Psychosis        

My Son’s Psychiatric Surprise

How I Missed the Signs

Help Save My Son for Himself and Others

Who Said No One Ever Died from Marijuana

Pot is so Harmless, But I Couldn’t Stop

The Unraveling of Ryan                                        Blindsided by Pot

Stuck in the Cycle of Addiction

Dabbing and Addiction

A Mother’s Cry of Pain for her Adult Son

How Marijuana Led to Heroin

Here’s the story of 3 different young people, all of whom are addicted to marijuana.  The video is by MTV.

This section is for sharing.  It may include videos and podcasts.  Leah Allen describes her cool “hippie” dad who needed pot to curb anxiety, quill anger was chronically irresponsible, neglectful and addicted.  “My Dad Will Never Stop Smoking Pot” was published in the Atlantic on January 15, 2014.

There are a lot of marijuana horror stories and some are afraid to share because of the backlash from the marijuana community which projects a cult-like aura.  If you want the story published anonymously, we will honor your request.

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