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Canadians: Learn the Truth About Marijuana Dangers

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to legalize marijuana by summer 2018.  While marijuana has been directly linked to multiple suicides across the United States, the Canadian government refuses to recognize pot as anything but a harmless drug.  In response to Trudeau’s legalization plans, Health Canada has unveiled a marijuana consumer fact sheet, warning Canadians about the adverse effects of marijuana use.  With legalization on the horizon ClearTheAirNow.org partnered with RIWI to survey over 1,100 Canadians from May 2 to May 12 and gauge their awareness of marijuana’s dangerous health effects, as previously reported by Health Canada. Continue reading

Smoking Marijuana is Dangerous During Pregnancy

Marijuana and Pregnancy: What Are The Risks?

by Pamela McColl, Smart Approaches to Marijuana, Canada

As some women consider using marijuana to treat pregnancy issues such as morning sickness, they are left wondering about the effects of marijuana on themselves and their baby while pregnant. In this piece, author Pamela McColl shares a few reasons why marijuana use during pregnancy may have detrimental effects on the child, and why it should be avoided during this critical time. Continue reading