Seven Amazing Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Now

(Edited commentary from two of our followers who insisted we share both sides of the issue.)             

Dear Friend — The reasons for the rest of America to follow the states of Washington and Colorado, and to legalize marijuana, are overwhelming. Even if you’re not with the program yet, read on and then … FORWARD this MESSAGE!

(7)TAX and REGULATE To enable cities, counties and states to siphon all that revenue from the criminals, enough marijuana users will be happy to pay twice the street price to eliminate the underground market.  During that stretch, fire departments will get new trucks hospital emergency teams will get overtime pay to deal with amateur chemists making butane hash oil in hotels, homes and apartments buildings.  Forget the surge in tax money for  mental health and addiction treatment.

(6) DISCOURAGE TEEN USE. Never mind that teen use of marijuana plunged by 33% from 1980 to 1992. We still say the War on Drugs is responsible for making our youth want to light up, and try pot brownies. Obviously, when you tell kids to avoid something, they go after it. Therefore, the best way to discourage teen use of pot is to have competition. The street price will drop by 50% and we can let Phillip Morris put marijuana cigarettes and snacks in convenience stores. When marijuana is all over the place, kids won’t want it. Only mature adults will want it and maturity is automatic when a person turns 21.

(5) GET TOUGH WITH DRUG LORDS. When 20 million of my fellow stokers, jokers and midnight tokers can get their marijuana legally, the cartels are likely to shift into something respectable. Those guys will soon be up against an economic wall. Nobody understands ADDICTION better than some of this country’s great corporations, especially the pharmaceutical, tobacco and alcohol.

We need Big Business to take charge, enhance the potency of the plant, nail down the distribution system, and build good vending machines. Mom & Pop growers can’t do that.  Let Phillip Morris and Miracle Gro show the way. The answer to Big Booze and Big Cigs is … jeez, what would it be called? Maybe … BIG DOPE.

(4) SAFER ROADS Marijuana users don’t drive fast and get angry like those drunks. If anything, they have to be more careful when they’re baked.  Besides, the Marijuana Policy Project tells us that Marijuana is SAFER than Alcohol.  In October 2012, Joseph Beer crashed his new sports car into a tree on a Long Island highway. Four of his friends died, his own injuries were minor, and he got 5 to 15 years. Court testimony found Joe to be a chronic marijuana smoker, and wired with weed during this wild ride. Okay, bad break for Beer’s friends. What can anyone conclude from a single accident? –It’s not safe to drive at 100 miles per hour. (Of course the weed has nothing to do with that, since that makes you drive slowly.)

(3) POLICE FREE FOR SERIOUS CRIMES. Making marijuana cheaper, common, and not such a big deal will free up law enforcement officials to concentrate on real crime. Marijuana will be in all 50 states, in every city, with home delivery like happens with pizza, and vending machines close to schools, and candy sellers walking up and down the bleachers during ball games, and snacks with kiddish labels — all of this will also guarantee that the cops have “more serious problems” to address!

(2) REDUCE CRIME BY REMOVING LABELS  Things that have been criminal for decades can become legal. After pot-use becomes a street-corner norm, we can carry that lesson over to neighborhood speed limits, shoplifting, insider trading, and software piracy. There will still be burglaries but so what, we’ll have our freedom. When enough people DO IT, the law should just say SCREW IT, except for

(1) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and we will save police for domestic abuse cases.
Doing away with criminality of marijuana, our police forces can focus on domestic violence, child abuse and pedophilia, since those guys are bad anyways, and it has nothing to do with drugs. Their addictions are sex, bullying and fighting.  With those guys locked locked up, the rest of us will be totally free and dancing in the streets. It’ll be 420 every day and that’s our America!

Yours for a Healthy America,

Medical Marijuana Hoax: Do Patients Go to Jail?

“I know of no patient-only person sent to federal prison for use of marijuana,”  said Law Professor Douglas Berman, a specialist in marijuana law at Ohio State University.

Even before states started legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use, the federal government didn’t throw defendants in prison simply for using marijuana Vanderbilt University Law Professor Robert Mikos explained.  He added, that’s because prosecutors are focused on suppliers and distributors. This information is from an in-depth analysis of Politifact Florida, reports of the Tampa Bay Times and the  Miami Herald.

The Compassion Card and the Hoax

Why do marijuana advocates constantly play the compassion card?  Or pretend we don’t care about children with epilepsy or cancer?

How is it medicine if they give it names like Purple Poison, White Widow, Body Buzz, Lemon Skunk?  Why is it that only 2-5% of the medical marijuana patients are terminally ill with cancer or AIDs, the conditions that may benefit from the nausea and appetite stimulation of medical marijuana with its THC?

Why is it that so many patients have chronic conditions and “need their medicine” continuously.  Is the industry trying to make them  hypochondriacs, or are the marijuana providers (“caregivers”) nurturing dependence?  Most medicine is supposed to cure a person and get them to the place where the medicine is not needed.  Our view is that more precautions are needed for medical marijuana.

Fraudulent Practices

Once medical marijuana passes in a state, fraud is encouraged.  For example in Michigan a doctor wrote medical marijuana prescriptions for more than 60 so-called people he never saw as patients.  He made $16000 in cash, but the medical marijuana providers reaped more than $1.3 million in profits over 2 years.

Also, in Michigan (not one of the hotbeds of marijuana), 20-year old so-called patient recently started an explosion at his parents’ house, from trying to extract hash oil from marijuana.    We need to ask ourselves why so many people who are so young are so disabled?

Recently, the Deputy Attorney General James Cole said that California needs to start regulating it’s medical marijuana or the federal government will do it.  Legalizing marijuana doesn’t solve unregulated medical marijuana, as Washington proves.

More than two years ago signs like this one in Pompano Beach were put up in Florida, in anticipation of Amendment 2, to be voted on today, November 4
More than two years ago signs like this one in Pompano Beach were put up in Florida, in anticipation of Amendment 2, to be voted on today, November 4

Americans for Safe Access

A few months ago Americans for Safe Access sponsored some television ads suggesting that cancer patients go to prison.  They specifically targeted members of Congress who did not vote in their favor.  Representative Andrew Harris, one of the Representatives attacked in an add, explained in front of Congress that medicine was  more precise than prescribing “two joints a day,” or “a brownie here, a biscuit there.”   “This is not medicine,” Harris said.

“This would be like me as a physician saying, ‘you know, I think you need some penicillin. Go chew on some mold.’   Of course I wouldn’t do that. I write for 250 mg of penicillin, [every] 6 hours, times 10 days. I don’t write, ‘chew on a mold a couple of times a day.'”

Rep. John Fleming, another doctor who formerly worked in a chemical dependency program and has published a book about addiction, spoke, warning of what marijuana does to the brain development of young people.  Recent medical studies and reports only clarify this message, making the warning stronger.

In Colorado all that its necessary to be a caregiver is that they are over age 21.  Compare that to the training of a pharmacist, nurse practitioner and physicians.

We condemn the way Americans for Safe Access, United for Care and other lobbyists have been essentially dishonest about medical marijuana.  They imply that having a different opinion shows a lack of compassion.  We also blame them and other groups for not explaining that cannabidial oil which helps for seizure is a component of marijuana and not marijuana.   We ask them to stop posturing for one thing when they really want something else.   (Read Part 2 of the Medical Marijuana Hoax: Mental Health)


Why I Now Hate Pot!

I Hate Pot

I Missed Quality Time with My Father

I wish my Dad’s relationship with me was closer than it was to…. Guess What? Pot!!!! That’s right, Pot didn’t help anybody but himself. It didn’t take long to realize the selfish behavior left no real quality place for me in his life. I would have loved more time with my Dad. I would have loved to spend more time with my Dad, rather than him searching for his next high.

TearsThe loneliness and despair of a child without a high functioning parent have left long term effects on me and my surrounding new relationships.

When your Dad asks you if your boyfriends have any pot for him? Really Dad, Wow that’s crazy boundary crossing and inappropriate regard for my place in this world. My place where I smoked pot and hated it and it has outcast me ever since. When I go to parties I hear the whispers, “she doesn’t do this” and off the crowd goes to experience their high.

Guess what, I found new friends and although not perfect I feel accepted for Hating POT!

This is a true testimony by a mom who wishes to remain anonymous.

Tiedc Uses Rap Video to Bring Message

Tiedc2014 put out this video to warn parents and children of the the danger of marijuana edibles.

After ingesting marijuana edibles, 12 Colorado children have ended up in emergency rooms this year, several in urgent care. Colorado still has not come up with appropriate regulations to safeguard against more emergencies. The edibles have also ended up in other states, including packages that arrived in Maryland last week.

When the governor of New York finally decided he would allow medical marijuana, he would not allow it to be smoked. Now capitalists are trying to get into the lucrative edibles market in NY. Maybe put greed aside for a change and stop trying to market things with colors and cartoons that appeal to children.