The State of the Research: Medical Marijuana

The use of marijuana to treat health issues is a hot topic, and big pharmaceutical companies are researching the possibilities.

At this time the state of the research is explained by Dr. Bertha Madras of Harvard University: “In reality, there is no such thing as “medical marijuana”; that is, there is not a particular type of marijuana used for medicinal purposes, let alone for a specific, proven medical purpose.  Physician recommendations for medicinal use of smoked marijuana (obtainable in a dispensary) are not grounded in systematic, evidence-based research, which is the hallmark of our system.”—Bertha Madras Continue reading

Pot Industry Uses Deceptive Ads, Targets Kids

By February 16, a mural on the side of Wellstone, a Colorado Springs medical marijuana “pharmacy” had been taken down.   A figure resembling the popular Cookie Monster of Sesame Street fame had been painted on the building two weeks earlier.  Many children were attracted to the popular children’s TV character carrying a plate of cookies, as well as a huge ice cream cone painted along the building’s exterior. There had been a local uproar over the picture and its appropriateness for a medical marijuana dispensary.

Perhaps the producers of Sesame Street objected.  Whatever Continue reading

Mental Health Care Fails at Addiction Treatment, Part 2

Part 1 (We’ve divided this blog into 2 parts)  Any psychiatrist who dismisses the effect of drugs on your child’s condition — when there are illicit drugs, marijuana, or legal drugs obtained illegally — should probably be dismissed.  Insurance companies aren’t qualified to make this decision.  If you don’t want your child set on a track of permanent psychiatric treatment or condition, it’s wise to find a psychiatrist who is Board Certified in Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment. Continue reading

Crime Goes Up in Colorado Following Legalization

Today the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Tracking Authority (RMHIDTA) issued a Press Release.  The report counters much of the drug lobbying group’s “spin” on marijuana.

Spin: Drug Policy Alliance’s recent Status Report: Marijuana Legalization in Colorado After One Year of Retail Sales [2014] and Two Years of Decriminalization [2013]” claims: “Since the first retail marijuana stores opened on January 1st, 2014, the state of Colorado has benefitted from a decrease in crime rates…”

Truth: According to Denver Police Department’s National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS), total reported crimes for all Continue reading