Who Said No One Ever Died from Marijuana?

By Sally Schindel, Treasurer,  Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy

You always seem to hear people say that marijuana is a safe drug because no one has ever died from using it. I’m here to tell you that is simply not true. My 31 year old son Andy died by suicide one year ago this month in Peoria, leaving a note that ended with these words:   “My soul is already dead. Marijuana Killed my soul + ruined my brain.”

Listen to Sally’s recent interview here.

I have resolved to carry Andy’s message  Continue reading

Can You Smell a Skunk in the Stinky Claims for Marijuana?

Most marijuana today is skunk, not the weaker strains of the Woodstock era. It is so potent that a study from London showed that one quarter of new psychosis patients over a seven year period was triggered after using marijuana.

Skunk is very different from the less potent marijuana of the 1970s. In fact, it is not even comparable to the pot of 15 or 20 years ago.  Reports from around the country now reveal a  story of mass addiction to marijuana, with only skunk strains available.  Some users go onto other drugs, but others stay fixated on  marijuana — dabbing and vaping for the quick fix.   Some of these teens and young adults are going into psychosis and /or committing suicide. Continue reading

Is the Marijuana Industry Trying to Grow, Stifle the Facts?

The Colorado Board of Education may discontinue the Colorado Healthy Kids survey, because of privacy concerns.  The survey,  a means to track substance abuse, is scheduled to come out this year.  Since 2009, it has been coming out in odd-numbered years.   Losing this survey would mean the state would no way of measuring youth trends from a statewide/regional perspective.

The next Colorado Healthy Kids survey might show how strongly the marijuana industry is having an influence on Colorado’s children.  If the state doesn’t keep the survey, how can it judge what the legal recreational marijuana program is doing to its school children?   The national survey showed that youth usage in Colorado went up sharply 5-10 years ago, during the period of medical marijuana expansion, while it remained rather flat nationwide. (see chart below) Continue reading

The Other Side of Cannabis Screened at SLO Festival

The Other Side of Cannabis: Negative Effects of Marijuana on Our Youth  will  be screened at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival on Wednesday, March 11, 7 pm.   On April 9, the film’s producer will screen a segment from the film and speak at the SAM Summit in Atlanta, as a part of the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit.

Marijuana eduction is profoundly lacking.  Today’s marijuana is not what it used to be, but the perception is that it is a safe, natural substance with no side effects. This ground-breaking film—which illustrates the potential negative effects, can  be used by drug educators, schools, prevention groups, addiction treatment centers, psychiatrists, psychologists and other medical.

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