Marijuana and Suicide: A Growing Risk for Our Youth

When Hamza Warsame fell six floors to his death in December, 2015, the social media was abuzz with suggestions of a hate crime against the Muslim teen.  Warsame, an immigrant from Somalia, was living in Seattle and had been invited to the  21-year-old classmate’s apartment. However, the news came out that Warsame had smoked marijuana […]

Marijuana Chocolate Bar Put My Son on Suicide Watch

(Originally published in Motherlode, a blog of the New York Times, February 10, 2014)  By Trish Reske     A week after leaving Boston for a summer internship in California, our 21-year-old son landed in an emergency room and was put on a suicide watch. I’m going to ruin the suspense and tell you what happened: […]

Headlines bring up more marijuana – related behavioral issues

Amanda Bynes made headlines last week, sharing her story for the cover of Paper Magazine.  Her optimistic tale of recovery repeats in People Magazine, which published portions of the interview. Amanda admitted that she began drug abuse starting with marijuana, age 16.  She continued pot use and also used Molly, Ecstasy and Adderall. An article […]

Parent Perspectives

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