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We reference many articles for the marijuana – psychosis connection.  However, Dr. Thurstone’s blog has a summary of the most recent studies finding that marijuana use can trigger psychosis which can lead to mental health disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia.   The American Society of Addiction Medicine also has a white paper on marijuana legalization.   The latest DSM-V manual for psychiatry proposes treatment for marijuana addiction and marijuana use disorders.   (Addiction rate for marijuana is estimated to be about 9% for adults, and 17% for those who begin use under age 18.)

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  1. I appreciate your great work. Here in Canada Marijuana will be legalized in the summer of 2017.
    Our federal government says they are doing it to protect young people from the harms of marijuana use. It seems counter-intuitive for them to do this but with marijuana being illegal in Canada we have the highest rate of marijuana use amongst young people in the developed world. Young people use marijuana at a higher rate than any other group of people. I agree that marijuana is not “benign” but I and many others feel Prohibition has led to a great harm to many young lives with criminalization, criminal records and money going to the criminal element. Potency and purity cannot be controlled. It seems to me Legalization with a Harm Reduction approach is the lesser evil as compared to Prohibition.
    But we absolutely need to convey to young people in an educated not “scare mongering” way the very real risks of early marijuana use. Besides the risk of early onset psychosis to a small group it is said close to 20% of young users will start to use daily and develop “marijuana use disorder”. And there are many studies suggesting that early and regular marijuana use inhibits normal and healthy brain development in young people and perhaps to less academic success and reduced life satisfaction.
    I am not pro-pot but I am not anti-pot either. People will choose to use these substances whether they are legal or illegal. Education and Harm Reduction approaches are best I believe.
    So we are going to get legal recreational weed in Canada – it is a done deal. What I plan to be involved in is making sure young people, parents, educators and the public are properly educated to potential risks and not lulled by the softening attitudes toward marijuana. Again thanks for the important work you are doing and I will keep watch on your website.

    1. In the United States we cut down youth marijuana use by nearly 100% between 1979 and 1992,
      It was an all out concerted effort. We trust our phamacologist who says there is no safe way to use marijuana. In fact
      it is more toxic to the brain than all other drugs.

      A psychiatrist in Netherlands said that chronic pot use is more damaging
      than chronic heroin use.

      Harm reduction education is worthless. We understand the philosophy and we’ve been following
      it for 10 years at least in US> Kids are overdosing left and right. Our rate of death from
      drugs for those ages 20-34 is 5x what it was in 1999. We have an epidemic. You can’t try to teach a safe
      way to use drugs, as Harm Reduction does, as there is no safe way…………..It hasn’t worked. There are
      plenty of adults who never drink or try drugs.

      1/3 of youth users will have a horrible outcome from pot–psychotic break, addiction or onto other drugs
      Cannabis Use Disorder is double the rate Some will not be handle it well and give up.

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