There is much misunderstanding about “medical” marijuana.  National Families in Action explains when a controlled substance becomes medicine.

NFIA has also published some helpful leaflet on the difference between marijuana and “medical” marijuana.    Medical marijuana doesn’t hold promise for epilepsy, but CBD does.  The public greatly misunderstands the difference between CBD and marijuana.

A recent article by Dr. Schatman on Medscape tries to educate the public on the multi-faceted reasons the medical community is not favorable to marijuana.

2 thoughts on “Medicine”

  1. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong, so freaking wrong. I don’t know what experiences you think you have with marijuana. But many of those issues these people were suffering were not from the marijuana. It was probably from a deeper seeded problem that the marijuana either mitigated or exacerbated. But it wasn’t the pot. Pot isn’t for everybody, it will cause problems when misused. Used properly it can have incredible therapeutic and medicinal benefits.
    My self personally, I work very hard providing a very good contribution to society. I am only able to do so because I am able to keep my emotions under control. My mother, who did not smoke pot and believed it was evil, my grandmother also, did not smoke pot for the same reasons. Both died from suicide, both suffered badly from manic depression. I’m not sure about my grandmother, but I had a front row seat to my mother’s spiraling demise as I helplessly watched as her doctor seemed more interested in experimenting on her than treating her with some incredibly powerful drugs. Those drugs took her from someone that suffered from an emotional disorder and caused her to have a psychotic disorder as schizophrenic traits stated to appear as she would try to introduce me to people that were not there.

    Long story short, putting someone on a massive amount of lithium and then taking her off is far more dangerous than marijuana could ever be. My mom’s death is due to mismanagement of powerful medications that are far more deadly than pot, yet accepted by you. Marijuana, a non lethal substance is going to unravel our society and bring about the apocalypse. Pretty sure that coke head narcissistic cac has a much stronger chance of causing that than anyone else.

    For me personally, after see what my mom went through, recognizing that I too suffer pretty badly with bouts of depression, mania and anxiety. Marijuana is the only (I repeat, the only) thing I have ever found that keeps my emotions in the middle, allows me to function as productive and positive member of society. Whe I start to feel extremely sad, happy, or scared for no real valid reason I know it’s time for my treatment. I wait until I’m off of work, hopefully off the next day (never while I’m at work). Afterwards I am fine usually for a few days to sometime a couple weeks before I need another treatment. If it want for pot I probably would have killed my self along time ago.

    Most, not all, but most everyone I know who uses pot are very good people. Unfortunately because of the legality of it we are forced to deal with criminal minded people. That’s not right, it is so oppressive and all you’re doing by working to keep it illegal is making the people that do benefit from it needlessly suffer. Ruining lives and ripping apart families and careers,for what??? Because they smoked a plant, ate a bag a chips and went to bed.

    All I want to be able to do is be the best person I can be for myself, my family, and my community that I can be. Marijuana helps bring out the best of me. Please stop this. I agree, keep the kids away from it stiff penalties for people selling to kids and neglecting to make sure their kids can’t get to it sure. Adults should have a right to use this plant if it helps them.

    1. We agree that psychiatry is a lot of trial and error that often gets the dosage, medication and treatment wrong. Same thing is true of marijuana. To some people marijuana is deadly.

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