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  1. I completed my dissertation titled “Dose Of Reality: High School Counselors’ And Deans of Students’ Observations On The Effects Legalized Recreational Marijuana Has Had On High School Students” in a Colorado Springs, Colorado school district and recreational marijuana has had a negative impact on the high school students. Twelve High School Counselors and Deans of Students were interviewed and all participants stated how they noticed high school students who used marijuana either quit school, had declining grades, failed to participate in class and on homework assignments.

    Peer pressure played a major role in in high school students’ marijuana use. Furthermore, factors that limited effective marijuana awareness education was teens have been caught in the middle of the marijuana culture, which included music, friends, peer pressure, and just wanting to be liked. Experimenting with marijuana helps students prove their status among peers. Students attend health class in ninth grade that briefly covers drug awareness; therefore, marijuana education is limited to a portion of a semester. Throughout the remainder of high school, drug awareness education is limited to social media, television, and radio ads. The fact that parents are using marijuana is also a limiting factor because students feel that the availability of the drug is plentiful and easily accessible.

    The findings of my study suggest the need to include marijuana awareness education to students prior to high school due to the facts that older siblings and peers are introducing students to drug use. Students do not understand how early marijuana use may not be healthy for them over the long-term. Further research also needs to focus on the long-term effects marijuana use may cause due to high school students’ usage at an early age while the brain is still developing.

    Another topic for further research is the issue of how will high school marijuana users navigate the workforce upon completing high school and pre-employment drug testing is required. This could create a challenge for potential employers maintaining a qualified workforce. Furthermore, future research may need to include professionals from sociology and behavioral experts to determine the implications of high school drug usage and the relations between unemployment, drug usage and qualified workforce.

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