The Dark Side of Marijuana

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Mother Changes her Mind about Marijuana after Experiencing it in Colorado

(By a Colorado resident)  My son went into psychosis and I’m lucky he is still here.  The drug that is being advertised and promoted is part of an irresponsible industry that provides no education to our youth, and actually makes marijuana look cool and harmless.

When I tell pro-pot people my story and post the evidence that pot can cause psychosis, I’m bullied and verbally abused. I was actually kind of ok with recreational pot if the THC levels were low, but now I am totally against it all together.

I also was all for medical pot, but now with the way it is used and abused, I am only for medical marijuana being managed by the FDA.

I have found out we have a whole generation of pot smokers that can’t communicate appropriately and are bullies.  I was under the impression that pot was supposed to make you calm and love one another, but that is not true.

Pot changes people. Last month my friend’s daughter attempted suicide. She survived but the only substance in her system was THC. And people continue to say marijuana is harmless.

The drug dealers are actually taking advantage of legalization here, and it is increasing. There was a huge bust in Westcliffe, Colorado. Agents busted 8 sites/homes.  Some of the homes had their own planes for quick and easy transportation.  It was very high quality pot, meaning very potent.

There’s a community that will keep smoking pot whether it’s legal or not, but you got to understand the dark side of pot.dark-side-of-cannabis-featured-image

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11 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Marijuana”

  1. Hey Laura.
    Sounds like your grandson was a loser from the start.
    Ive been smoking for 25+ years; I have a home, own my cars, graduated with a degree in biology, church going family man, hard working, tax paying American.
    And if I want to smoke a joint after a long hard day of work then that is MY CIVIL RIGHT!
    I had the ambition to work hard to live a comfortable life
    All while smoking God’s herb
    Your grandson never was going to amount to anything. Regardless if he smoked or didn’t

  2. Iv read many of your articles and I urge you to further research these topics. Cannabis is nto addictive. Yes you can get addicted but it’s the same as being addicted to tv or video games. Please do more research.

  3. so many misinformed people who are probably uneducated on this site and are the same “parents” who shove pharmaceuticals down their kids throats at age 10 because they are having a hard time focusing.. even though they are KIDS. Coming from a colorado Native who was one of those kids put on every type of ADD/ADHD “medicine” known to man. Which for all of you uneducated parents is as close to legal meth as you can get. This caused many more problems than the one it was meant to solve. Because of the legal drugs I was given i began to expierence insomnia, I wasnt eating so I had no appatite and was withering away, as well as just a zombie that was sedated with too heavy of drugs for being a pre-teen. Those so called legal safe drugs fucked my system up and so I started to self medicate at a young age with marijuana realizing that it would allow me to eat food like before when i was on the add/adhd meds and was actually able to sleep instead of being up for days at a time due to AGAIN the ADD/ADHD meds. So not only did it alow me to eat and sleep but then after stopping taking my meds it allowed me to be calm enough to focus on my work and graduate high school and move on to college to get a BA in English and minor in Fine Arts. So please before bashing a wonderful NATURAL plant, do your homework like you tell your kids and dont speak without being properly informed of what you are trying to say is such a bad thing. People who fear this are the same people who are racists and biggots and who would have been the Trump supporters even though those of you who might be Trump supporters didnt even know that he is for the legalization of weed too but it is those around him who are actually against it.

    1. We do not approve ADHD?ADD drugs (at least in most cases) and hope the day is soon coming that will be banned. We do know
      a high correlation between marijuana users and/or heroin users who were given ADHD/ADD drugs. Should looked at a maturation

      We very much blame America’s desire to medicate everything for getting us in this addiction mess. If you have not had a psychotic
      break considers yourself luck. Sounds as if you could have addiction, though. Please take it easy.

  4. Please stop basing this on underage illegal users and abusers. To blame a suicide on Cannabis is asinine. Trust me it will take a lot more trouble in a person’s mind to cause suicide. You can’t blame a harmless plant. Very tired of irresponsible persons trying to take away the medicine that has saved my life. Get educated. ..not more fearful. Very sorry for this situation but try another easy blame….like personal responsibility.

    1. There is an article in the Lancet Psychiatry Journal from Sept 2014 that was longterm study of teens in Australia and New Zealand. Those who regularly used marijuana were 7x more likely to attempt suicide. It is the fact from the psychiatric study. There has not been another study that refutes it.

      A common explanation is that those who use marijuana have more depression from the start or that they use the marijuana to deal with their depression. However, in the USA, around 27% of teens have depression. So there’s nothing unusual about teens being in depression. To attempt suicide is more extreme. Teens begin marijuana not just because they are depressed, but also because of social pressure. That pressure can be extreme.

    2. Robbin,

      Marijuana IS NOT HARMLESS, I almost committed suicide and was horribly addicted for 8 years. It is a gateway drug to Cocaine, Hash, Meth, Heroin and LSD.

      Tony Tangalos drug free since 1984

      1. For one hash is weed. But marijuana did not lead to you almost commuting sucide. That’s probably due to your other substance abuse

  5. I agree 100 percent with you. My grandson only talks and thinks pot. He uses and sells the concentrated form. He’s only 17 refuses to go to school and nothing has helped him. As fter 3 years of the State trying different rehabs, 3 probation officers, numerous counselors, house arrests and the like finally the magistrate has given up on him. The State refuses to help him no longer. He only has a 9th grade education and no future thanks to pot.

  6. I agree 100 percent with you. My grandson only talks and thinks about pot. He uses and sells the concentrated form. He’s only 19. He refused to go to school. Nothing has helped him. After 3 years of the State trying different rehabs, 3 probation officers, numerous counselors, house arrests, the magistrate has given up on him. The State refuses to help him any longer. He has only has a 9th grade education. He has no future — thanks to pot.

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