The War on Drugs is Defense of Our Brains

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A man in Gotland, Sweden, proudly wears his drug-free motto, a quotation from Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Bertha K. Madras.

It’s not a war on drugs . It is a defense of our brains.

Letting massive and numbers of children and young people to fall into drug addiction, as we are doing today, is an outrage. Nearly all those who die of drug overdose began their drug usage with marijuana.  How many more millennials will we allow to die by drugs and addiction, while we continue to lack good drug education?

What’s the point of pouring money into education systems at a time that we’re legalizing marijuana and making it so legitimate that high school students come to class stoned?  A teacher warned Colorado voters before they passed Amendment 64.

The Dunedin Study published in 2012 had over 1,000 participants and it tracked changes in IQ from ages 13 to 38 among users and non-users.  Those who consistently used marijuana the entire time lost 7-8 points in IQ. Those who began using marijuana after age 18 lost 3-4 points in IQs.  Users were compared with non-users.  Any differences in IQ caused by family issues and poverty would be apparent by age 13, the age at which testing began.  The Dunedin Study followed participants until age 38.

How are we going to explain to the next generation that their IQs are 4-8 points lower then they should be?   The blame clearly falls with the US government and an education system which failed to educate of this risk — and the risk for psychosis — to marijuana users.

However, as long as some groups keep saying the the “War on Drugs” has failed, these pro-legalization activists are preventing better policy and better education.   If we can  treat drugs at the root, not after the problems have gone too far, we will save more lives! Right now, the US is emphasizing a harm reduction policy over prevention, which we believe is an upside-down, backwards strategy.  Harm reduction offers temporary solutions with no guarantee of long-term success.

Dr. Bertha Madras Explains

It was Dr. Bertha K. Madras who originally said, “This is not a war on drugs, it is a defense of our brains.” Dr. Madras wrote a brief article for the Marijuana Report this week.

Dr. Madras was recently called upon to testify in California about the rescheduling of marijuana. The judge ruled based on her testimony despite the fact that the opposition had tons of witnesses. Read her summary, Federal Judge Refused to Reschedule Marijuana Under the Controlled Substances Act.

Letting people fall into the trap of disinterest, loss of motivation, lower IQ, inability to grow up, addiction and/or mental illness are horrible outcomes of giving up our fight against drugs.   It doesn’t matter if mistakes have been made in the “War on Drugs,” since no policy or system will ever be free of errors.

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19 thoughts on “The War on Drugs is Defense of Our Brains”

  1. A follow-up to Dr Bertha Madras’ critique of a recent article that teens who use pot do not develop mental health issues later in life. Her findings just illustrate the many flaws in the design & content of the article as published. I’m hoping with such esteemed concerns that Dr Madras raised the author(s) will issue a retraction or an erratum :

  2. Sherry, I’ll attempt to answer you again. This website censors and deletes any comments that disagree with their aganda (not just mine).
    You’re very good at name calling by the way. Your resorting to calling names, like a child, makes your lack of intelligence very apparent.
    Be that as it may, I will answer your question.
    My logic is:
    A) Black market drug dealers do not check for ID when selling weed. Cigs and alcohol are more difficult for kids to get their hands on because, unlike weed, you have to be over a certain age to purchase them (usually 18 & 21 respectively).
    B) Whether legal or not, if someone wants to get stoned that’s exactly what they’re going to do. We don’t have control over who buys weed and who doesn’t because it’s available only on the black market.
    C) As long as marijuana is illegal there will be a market for poison ‘spice’ which, unlike weed, is extremely dangerous.
    D) One of the few true things claimed here is the fact that weed is much stronger than it used to be. That means that instead of smoking a joint, smokers need much less weed to get stoned. Yet there is no way to tell how many mg’s of THC is in any joint, bowl or bong since it’s not regulated and checked for quality control. In fact on the black market it’s quite possible for a pot smoker to get a joint with crack or other more dangerous substances inside of it that they’re not aware of, again, something that legalization would fix.
    E) Millions of sick Americans who get relief from cannabis have to now choose to either live in pain or break the law. I do not see any logic to putting fellow Americans in that position. DO YOU?
    I could continue, but I do not invest much time writing here because the editors CENSOR and delete 90% of my comments. If I’m so out of line then why delete my comments?
    Why do you feel the need to call people names?
    Are you a child?
    Here’s a website asking you to give them money, yet they refuse to allow any discussion regarding marijuana, opting instead to select any story that involves marijuana portrayed negatively and publish it for the purpose of fear mongering. How is that helping anything in any way?
    Do you have ANYTHING intelligent to say? Or is name calling all you’re good at?

    1. rereading the comments it seems as if you started the name calling, and besides this is a website for parents, which i doubt you are. if you are, your kids could probably have done better for a parent, meaning they would have been better off to have had a parent who sincerely cares about them and their health, brain and all else.

  3. Brought to you by the most INSIGNIFICANT website on the Internet!

    ANY comments that you don’t agree with get deleted.
    Meanwhile, you get ZERO comments of support for the propaganda you peddle.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Commented upon by the most insignificant dopehead troll on the internet. If you find this website so insignificant, Rich, then why bother commenting? Are you working for the pro-marijuana lobby? Why do you always have to get onto this website and try to fight with parents that have lost their children to marijuana and other people who are not supportive of legalizing marijuana? Where is the logic? Again, if its so insignificant, then why do you care?

      1. I hope that before you believe all that the pharmaceutical companies and the corporations that have brainwashed the general public for fifty years that you’ll research this propaganda you’re posting against an herb that has been used as medicinal far longer than any of you have been a twinkle in your forefathers eyes. What is it gonna take to make you wake up? I’m sure you’re all starting to feel stupid in your rants. Cannabis is not addictive. It is not a gateway drug. If it wasn’t illegalized it would’ve never have been in that drug dealers hand that convinced your kid to try something stronger. Mainly cause your kid has an addictive behavior embedded in his genes. Get educated.. the stupidity is getting to be overwhelming.

        1. None of us on this website have ties to pharmaceuticals. In fact, we blame pharma for some of the problem, starting with the ADD medications.

          Cannabis is addictive. Saying it’s not addictive is one of the con games of the marijuana industry. In fact yours truly knows
          marijuana addiction firsthand and overcame it. It is very much harder today to overcome the addiction because of the turbo-charged pot of today.

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