That Chocolate Smoothie That Sent Me to ER Had THC

I was cleaning my fridge last Saturday and found a bottle of chocolate smoothie that was placed by a family member.  I drank it because it did taste good. The label looked just as same others so I did not pay close attention to it. About an hour later, I started to feel a bit dizzy. It steadily got worse and saw constant flicking lights.

My body started to float around. I realized that something is seriously wrong and thoughts flashed through my head: Is it a stroke? Is my brain? Am I going into shock? I was afraid to fall asleep because I didn’t know what it was. I was crying with confusion. To make matters worse, I was alone in my home. I struggled for nearly ten minutes in trying to text 911 and my friend because I had couldn’t focus. I screamed repeatedly for help. It was a major battle to be able to communicate of what was going on. At that time, it seemed that I was in full blown delirium and disconnected with everything around me. I had no sense of time. I hardly felt anything even with pokes of needles and so on. I went through a battery of tests and a CAT scan at the ER. It took four hours for the delirium to go away and had a feeling of being hung-over for a few days. In the end, the diagnosis was high levels of THC in my bloodstream.

It all pointed to two ounces of that chocolate drink that looked really delicious yet deceptive.   Nowhere on the bottle were the words marijuana, cannabis, or THC. Instead, the label listed BK Budder as a main ingredient.

I did some research about marijuana edibles and my conclusion is that many people are unaware of the dangers of marijuana edibles being far more potent than smoking it. This issue itself is of grave concern to public health and awareness is urgent.

The “family” member who left the chocolate drink laced with THC in my fridge is my 22-year-old daughter. She claims that her marijuana use is legitimate because she got the “medical pot “license.  All of this is a sham and her pot history goes back to when she  started smoking weed at age 16.


Editor’s note: This story is from Vancouver, British Columbia. Some other stories of marijuana edibles: The 420 Bar; Maureen Dowd’s marijuana edibles experience, a father who ate his daughter’s brownie, the father charged in daughter’s sickness and a mom’s article in the Washington Post.  We also note the deaths attributed to marijuana edibles, including Luke Goodman.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a report on the death of Levy Thamba.   Sign up below to get email updates on our blogs and stories.

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4 thoughts on “That Chocolate Smoothie That Sent Me to ER Had THC”

  1. Excuse me as I made an omission the above. Should be:

    When potheads(Moore, Fromme, likely Hinckley, Ortega Hernandez, John Chapman, Loughner, etc,), attempt assassinate public figures, or try too….etc”

    1. Maybe that list of criminals would have done even more damage had they not been pot smokers. You can’t prove either to be true.
      For every cherry picked criminal you mention that smoked weed there are THOUSANDS more that drank alcohol or used drugs.
      For all YOU know there may be MORE crime if less Americans got stoned and chilled out.
      Drugs and alcohol make people act more aggressively and do reckless things.
      Weed makes people eat and laugh. We wouldn’t want that now would we?

  2. Rich, you find that amusing? Ever thought you were dying, or taken a trip to the ER yourself? Not so funny when it’s yourself, is it?
    Regarding the pot edibles Maureen Dowd consumed in Colorado, Willie Nelson remarked “Next time read the label”.

    Funny I guess to some, but how about the three or four deaths to date in Colorado from those who ate the edibles. Should the same statement about reading labels first apply to them? Anybody laughing?

    When potheads(Moore, Fromme, likely Hinckley, Ortega Hernandez, John Chapman, Loughner, etc,) or try to bring down airplanes (Reid, and the underwear bomber, possibly the 9/11 perpetrators) or blow up bombs in public places (Rudolph, Hayden, Dorne, Eugene Albert Moore, Tsarnaevs, McVeigh, etc), or shoot up schools or theatres (Klebold, Holmes, and many more) ,one would think the libertarian argument ends, the humorous attempts are not so funny, and the country might wake up to a dose of reality.

  3. Drinks and edibles that contain THC MUST be clearly marked! I’m surprised that they had no indication that there was THC in the drink! I did notice, however, that you conveniently neglected to picture the side of the bottle that had the ingredients listed.

    Was your daughter angry that you drank up all of her medical cannabis?

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