Marijuana and Pedestrian, Cyclists Deaths

Ramming into People at Bus Stops, on Sidewalks

A 65- year old driver rammed into pedestrians waiting at a bus stop in Vallejo, California on June 19. The mother of a 4-year-old girl was killed quickly, while the daughter and 4 others waiting for the bus were injured. The matter is still under investigation. Early reports said the driver had recently left a medical marijuana dispensary and he had pot on him.

Some of the news items of the event have removed information about marijuana. In the meantime, a Lieutenant Governor Newsom’s Blue Ribbon Committee came out with a report on how to regulate marijuana, using the assumption that marijuana must be made legal. Legalization is not working in Washington and Colorado

On June 10, a driver in Ferndale, near Bellingham, struck and killed two Windward High School students on the sidewalk going to PE class. The 32-year-old driver admitted to being a daily marijuana smoker, not unusual in Washington. He injured two more students at that time, and his 3-year old son was in the car with him. Despite being a daily marijuana user, the driver claims he wasn’t stoned at the time.   States that legalize recreational marijuana seriously need to examine their responsibility for legitimizing pot use and creating addiction.  The states and pro-pot groups that push for these policies are victimizing citizens on so many levels.

In November, a 16-year old high school student killed as he got outside of his car in front of Broomfield High School in Colorado. A 17-year old driver, not a student at the school, hit him.  The driver tested positive for marijuana but not alcohol. Reports says friends had warned him not to drive stoned, but he did.

Mothers come together to remember 7-year old who died tragically after being struck on the sidewalk in Vancouver, WA by a stoned driver.  Photo: Oregonlive
Mothers come together to remember 7-year old who died tragically after being struck on the sidewalk in Vancouver, WA by a stoned driver. Photo: Oregonlive

On October 31, in Vancouver, Washington, a stoned driver plowed onto the sidewalk, killed a 7-year old girl, injured her friend, her mother and her friend’s mother. It was Halloween and they were trick-or-treating. There’s been at least 5 pedestrian deaths in Vancouver since the state of Washington legalized pot. The first pedestrian death caused by a stoned driver happened in December, 2012, a week after pot became legal.

Cyclists Also Killed by Stoned Drivers

In Bellevue, Washington, shortly after pot was legalized, a stoned driver hit and killed a motorcyclist. It happened in October, 2013, 10 months after pot was legalized but 10 months before it went on sale at recreational dispensaries.  More recently, it happened outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Robert and Susan Kammeraad were struck and killed by a driver high on marijuana.

In Puyallup, Washington, Pastor Eric Renz was critically injured while hit by Kallie James, 19, who was driving under the influence of marijuana on November 24.  He was riding his bike, working between two separate homeless shelters. Two weeks later, he died.
James is charged with vehicular homicide.  She used both marijuana and Paxil, but shouldn’t the state bear some of the blame by not adequately warning youth about the dangers of marijuana and the flawed judgment that comes with early pot usage?  Her situation reminds us that marijuana doesn’t treat depression, but makes it worse.  Pastor Renz was a well-respected community leader.

Site of Puyallup, Washington car-bicycle crash which killed Pastor Eric Renz, a humanitarian leader in the community.
Site of Puyallup, Washington bicycle crash which killed Pastor Eric Renz, a humanitarian community leader, on Nov.24. He died 2 weeks later. Photo Credit: Komo News

In Vermont, a 17-year old hit and killed a bicyclist, 47-year–old Richard Tom.  Tom was an experience bicyclist who worked for VBT Biking and Hiking Vacations in Bristol, Vermont.  He wore a helmut. The driver Joseph Marshall, who also died, had 36 nanograms of THC in his blood. It’s estimated that he was going 83 to 88 miles per hour in in the 30-40 mph zone. So much for stoned drivers being slow and careful!  It happened in April, but it was the 4th fatal crash involving marijuana-impaired driving in Vermont over a period of 6 months.

In recent years, Vermont has had some of the highest rates of youth marijuana usage.   High youth usage often results in addiction which carries on into adulthood or leads to other drugs.

These stories show that drivers under the influence of marijuana killed 9 people and injured 10 others in 8 separate accidents.  Please use these stories as warnings about stoned driving.  Please stop saying it is any “safer than alcohol.”

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16 thoughts on “Marijuana and Pedestrian, Cyclists Deaths”

  1. If I may add, the Chattanooga shooter, Mohamed Abduleeza (sp?) followed the hashishin (assassin) concept by the playbook.

    He smoked a lot of marijuana, had associated mental health issues, had a legal arrest history as proof to boot, got hooked up with online or in person radicalization trainers, and truly felt he was destined to kill infidels in the name of Islam, and then dying via suicide so he could achieve martyrdom, and be with all the virgins, etc.

    This is a classic textbook case that cannot be ignored!

    I think marijuana’s affect on the brain via the rewiring of neurons during radicalization, inculcated a form of mental circuitry enabling him to become a terrorist- like ALL of them.

    Of course, as in this and any of the other cases, as we pontificate with our hypotheses, let’s not do so in a callous manner, and let our hearts go out to the families of the victims.

    Zeroing in on the cause of this ongoing madness, whether it’s drug induced mental derangement or not, is the only course for the conscientious and compassionate mind, in my opinion.

  2. A few facts folks: Hashish, the concentrate of pot, and high potency pot have been abundantly used in the Middle East for probably at least a millennium. Legend is the hashishin were dope users and trained to be assassins via dope’s influence on the brain during radicalization. ALL the Muslim terrorist groups to this day use drugs heavily, including hashish and a variety of more modern drugs. Their minds are swayed to do anything vicious in the name of Islam. Yet they are nothing more than drug deranged psychos.
    The West is in its infancy with mainstream drug experimentation. Of course millions are loving marijuana because it like hashish and other drugs, rewires the brain favorably for it.
    MRI studies on marijuana show brain shrinkage in the area of the brain that harbors empathy for life and inhibition. The MRI studies also show (these are indications, not proof) the brain’s neurons readjust. It could be that during that neural readjustment, the brain learns to love marijuana or hashish, but also picks up a kind of learning thru association. So not only do they ‘ learn’ to love cannabis, but they also learn to learn Islam, hate Israel and hate the West, or whatever deems a threat to their drug deranged minds. This may be the fundamental process by the Islamic terrorists.Schizophrenia is also a side product of marijuana, studies suggest.
    Note also, ALL the domestic Islamic attacks in the last few years were done by mentally unstable Americans with foreign names who ALSO were dopers! No kidding- look at the decapitation in OKC, the ax attack in NYC, the Boston Marathon bombing, etc– ALL, every single one of them (just about, some we have no info) were using marijuana heavily.
    In the west we Americans (and Canadians/ Aussies) are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of senseless homicides in the West are associated with drugs, and when drugs are present, marijuana is ALWAYS part of the mix- Some notables who used pot and murdered (certainly does not assure abusers to be passive, does it?)- OJ, Holmes, Klebold Harris, Loughner, Tsarnaev, Eric Rudolph, Brevet, John Chapman, Squeaky Fromme, Sarah Moore, Ortega Hernandez (who tried to assassinate Obama), Megan Huntsman, Jared Miller, Thomas Gilbert Jr, etc. The list goes on and on and includes the vicious drug gangs too.
    It could be the West is so hung up on the “gun culture” we can’t see that so much of the mayhem is actually our burgeoning “drug culture,” of which marijuana appears to be the drug associated with senseless murders- they are all ‘inadvertent hashish assassins’. What’s tricky is that millions smoke pot and are not violent. This could be because some abusers are genetically or environmentally vulnerable, or that most who do indulge do so in benign environments without intense radicalization. Their brains are likely influenced to some degree. Just that a minority, like James Holmes, a regular weed smoker during adolescence as the brain develops, rewires the brain’s neurons imperfectly, seeing the world in some deranged manner.

    1. Look at the followers of Charles Manson. Under the influence of marijuana, he was able to get them to kill others. Also people who comment on our pages often repeat the tired comments of their leaders:
      “harmless herb” “a natural plant” Big Pharma is against “never killed anyone” “inevitable” They don’t show independent thought. All of this seems like if you want to control and influence masses of people, marijuana will be a good way to do it.

      1. The Columbine, Aurora Colorado, Sandy Hook and Marine shooters were ALL on SSRI medications, drugs that are well-reported to induce violent tendencies. Also, I’ve been clicking on the news articles that are being used on this site and 90% of them say absolutely zilch about marijuana. Stop with the scare tactics and nincompoopery; it only makes you look like a zealot. Lying never illustrates a point with those who possess critical thinking skills.

        1. Marijuana is the drug most consistently associated with shooters and mass killers. Even if all of these were on SSRIs, it is not one consistent SSRI that shares the
          problem with marijuana. More killers on marijuana: Both Tsarnaevs, Eddie Routh, Robert Durst, Aaron Hernandez, Mohammed Abdulazeez (Chatanooga), Jayden Fryburg, the
          Pretty Little Killers. Marijuana is one illegal drug and it is the drug most associated with brain damage.

  3. Dear Gary
    Check into mass shooters and marijuana use. I counted 12 in just 30 minutes of checking on line. The individual that just killed our Marines a couple weeks ago was a marijuana smoker. The Colorado theater shooter was a marijuana smoker, the Boston Bomber,and on and on. We should be afraid.

    1. Dear John,
      Did you check to see whether they drank coke or Pepsi?
      That has about the same amount of significance as whether or not they smoked pot.

      Gary is absolutely correct!
      Fear mongering is what this website is about.
      Don’t look for logic where none exists!

  4. Please tell me this article is satire…

    If it isn’t then all I can say is that this is one of the worse cases of gratuitous cherry-picking and outright fear-mongering I have seen in recent years.

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