Marijuana Industry Aims for West Coast of Weed

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How can a babysitter in California who allowed a 17-month old baby to die in her charge while she smoked pot be acquitted?

Why did a marijuana-intoxicated driver who killed Rosemary Tempel and injured others in Seattle receive a lesser charge of vehicular homicide which can get him out of jail in 3 years?

Rosemary Tempel, a nurse, was killed by a marijuana-intoxicated driver on July 17, 2012, less than 4 months before I-502.
Rosemary Tempel, a nurse, was killed by a marijuana-intoxicated driver on July 17, 2012, less than 4 months before I-502 passed in Washington state.

(The driver was driving without insurance, on probation, had previous marijuana DUI, domestic violence charges, and the judge refused to allow the marijuana in his blood as evidence.)

How can a man in Oregon who made butane hash oil out of marijuana while his children were in harm’s way never be charged with a felony or misdemeanor?    (He suffered burns and the friend who was with him later died. Insurance covered his $1.3 million in burn treatment, but he is  filing suit against the butane suppliers, despite the well-known dangers of making BHO. )

With much of the expensive real estate in the west owned by foreign business interests, both in Vancouver and in California, it seems as if the prevailing powers are just hoping to have a “doped up” population on the west coast to control.  The illegal marijuana grows have had a devastating impact on California’s water supply.    Yet, the marijuana industry/lobby has made clear its intention to make the western coast of North America a solid block of territory where marijuana is legal.

The Oregonian featured a series of articles on hash oil explosions, May 5, 2014.
The Oregonian featured a series of articles on hash oil explosions, May, 2014.

If these accidents were caused by alcohol instead of marijuana, there would probably be less sympathy in the justice system.  It’s a sad state for the west coast of North America, if the rights of marijuana users continue to go unchecked.

Alaska voted to legalize in November, despite the wild, marijuana-related murders of two state troopers last year.  Just last week, Vancouver City Council, in British Columbia, approved rules for the city’s 100 or so medical marijuana  dispensaries.   The weed community is upset that 2/3 of Oregon, the eastern part, will not open marijuana dispensaries.  Yet,  there will still be a solid weed coast from southern California to Alaska.    Some readers may be thinking it’s not legal in California.  It is, however, legal for anyone 18 or over to get a medical marijuana card, for the least of medical conditions.   Nonetheless many cities and counties in California and Washington have banned dispensaries.

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9 thoughts on “Marijuana Industry Aims for West Coast of Weed”

  1. Editor, I do believe that you meant that you DON’T advocate drinking or pills and driving.

    Mitch, name calling is not really constructive in any way.
    If you have something intelligent to say please say it. Just because you don’t agree with someone, calling them a loser makes YOU look like,,,, a loser.

    Here lies yet another reason marijuana should be legalized. As with alcohol, there needs to be some sort of threshold upon which a person is considered too high to drive.

    Alcohol and marijuana have extremely different effects on people. Alcohol makes people reckless and impairs their judgement greatly. Marijuana impairs drivers as well, but not the same way as alcohol. For instance, a drunk driver running a red light or rear ending someone is typical, where a stoned driver would more likely get lost as a result of smoking and driving.

    Once legal, the effects can be studied and established and properly policed.

    1. No, we DONT’T advocate for pills or drinking. Notice Oregon is legalizing marijuana tomorrow and they have one of the 2 or 3 highest drinking rates
      in the country, and much pill and opiate abuse.

  2. The rights of MJ users go unchecked? REALLY? Adults should have the right to use MJ if they want to! The so called ‘rights of MJ users’ are far more restricted than the rights of many substances far more dangerous than MJ, alcohol being just one of them!

    Whether legal or not, if someone wants to use MJ they are going to do it. That’s a fact proven by history. That can’t be disputed, as evidenced by the overwhelming support for legalization across the country, while it remains illegal in 90% of the US (not for long though)!

    Do you REALLY want to talk about devastating California’s natural resources? Did you know that just one direct result of the ridiculous laws against MJ is the destruction of protected national parks and forests in California?

    That’s right. Mexican drug dealers smuggle illegal aliens into the US then leave them in the middle of our nationally protected, untouched forests in the western US where they are forced to grow MJ farms, spoiling the land with pollution and chemicals when they harvest it then abandon the area?

    I would rather see the few untouched areas of the US remain untouched with MJ grown in a responsible and legal manner! Wouldn’t YOU? You are seriously arguing that MJ is harmful because plants need water to grow? That’s just plain silly!

    And you’re right about alcohol users being more harshly prosecuted than MJ users. It’s perfectly logical. Alcohol makes drivers far more aggressive and reckless than MJ.
    For every person that smokes MJ and commits a crime I’ll show you 1,000 that do use far more dangerous substances, like alcohol, (since you specifically mentioned it) which are LEGAL!

    I agree that children should not abuse ANY drugs.
    But one sticky fact that you are going to have to accept sooner or later is this:
    Whether legal or not, if someone wants to use MJ they are going to. If they don’t, they won’t. The only question is who will benefit from the billion$ in sales? The US economy? Or illegal drug dealers?

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