How Did I Miss Those Signs?

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My Kids and their Friends are Dying Faster than my Friends

Everyone I know that has lost a child tells me they first used cannabis. The numbers of young people I know that have died that were friends of my children between 15 and 30, including my daughter, all began with smoking marijuana.  And their numbers are greater than the number of my friends that have died and I graduated in 1962. My daughter died at 28.

My father was an alcoholic and her father is an alcoholic. Margaret displayed signs that I did not understand were huge clues that her train was running off the rail. Marijuana and Robitussin were the early substances used by her and her brother and their friends.

In total, ten of their friends have died between the ages of 15 and 28.  I am 71, and have not experienced the death of that many of my classmates and friends.

Her brother struggles with alcoholism and also started as a teen with marijuana and then alcohol, heroin, LSD, kratom, on and on. He is still alive. But a lot of damage has been done. Delayed maturity is the biggest and poses the main obstacle to recovery, in my opinion.

Were there signs of a problem?

How did I miss the signs? I think there were signs but didn’t read them accurately because she was an honor student and listed in Who’s Who in American High Schools 2002.  She was a gifted concert pianist and was fluent in Russian.  (See a video from 2001 on the Facebook page of Maven Hembree.)

Honestly, parents please warn your kids.  The message “safer than alcohol”  isn’t true.  If there’s addiction in your family, don’t just warn them about alcohol, because it’s marijuana too and everything else.  Margaret began with marijuana four years before she used alcohol.

Their peers’ opinions override your information. I discovered that not only did my children’s friends have more influence but in some cases the younger, “cool” parents were supplying a buffet of recreational substances in an effort to be open and “enlightened” parents. I could not trust the parents. Some parents even knew their kid was doing marijuana and heroin and introducing it to my son.   They did not tell me.

The only reason I can think of to legalize drugs is to anesthetize the nation and affect a generation of people in order to influence the fabric of a nation and redirect a culture to create more need for government intervention — thereby maintaining their relevance.

I’m reminded that Aldous Huxley said,

“There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak.”

There is no guarantee people will use anything responsibly. Alcohol has medicinal purposes too. That does not stop them from using it irresponsibly. Studies indicate that 100,000,000 people are affected directly or indirectly in negative ways by alcohol and drug addiction.

Real medical use of marijuana needs to be dispensed as a controlled substance, not a corner smoke and paraphernalia shop.

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19 thoughts on “How Did I Miss Those Signs?”

  1. you wrote this some time ago i see, so not sure if you will see my comment, but for whatever it’s worth, just to let you know, i did go watch the video of your daughter playing the piano; she had amazing talent. you were a great mom to foster and encourage her learning endeavors, clearly, and i’m so sorry you lost her. i think drug use is the scourge of our day and other parents should be forewarned, so thanks for writing about your, and her, experiences.

  2. Rich is very well spoken and wise for not making stupid nonfactual arguments. But I am a kid who has smoked weed all throughout high school and college. Kids will be kids. This drug is not for everyone. However; kids who are raised correctly.. and kids who have standards, morals, and values. CAN AND WILL choose not to cross the line of abuse and also will not cross the line into any “hard drug.” You either have an addictive personality or you do not. And if you want to smoke weed at ANY age. It is VERY easy LEGAL OR ILLEGAL to get it. You are only taking the money out of the hands of other people and into the hands of our GREAT NATION where pot IS THE fabric of our nation.

    the ONE and ONLY was to stop kids from smoking weed is DRUG TESTS from PARENTS. But if you are good parents and your kids are actually good people. They will not abuse it.

    I apologize for giving all of you parents the hard truth.. but you FAILED. F. A. I. L. E. D. FAILED!!!!!!

    All you had to do was either raise your kids correctly with morals and values… OR MONITOR THEIR DRUG USE WITH THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY TO DO IT.. DRUG TESTS??????

    Do not tell Rich or anyone in the world that they can not use marijuana unless they are under YOUR SUPERVISION as THEIR PARENTS OR GUARDIANS. Other than that. Please stay out of other people’s business. Because if they want their kids to stop…. they will handle it themselves. Worry about DRUG TESTING your OWN kids and leave everyone else alone because Pot is awesome for most people. and if people are willing to spend most of their money on pot ANYWAY. why not have that money to actually help the BAD PARENTS and help to battle addiction. With 1% of Tax Revenue from the amount of marijuana that will be purchased once it is fully legal and the government can grow it better. EVERYONE WILL USE THIS DRUG. AND THAT IS A WONDERFUL THING. and USA will have the MONEY to do ANYTHING

    1. Your opinion that marijuana is awesome and the fabric of this nation is completely in contradiction with the idea that children raised well
      will not abuse it. How can they not abuse when people like you praise it?

  3. Editor,
    You can say that cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands and technically you may be correct. Be that as it may, if it is tolerated to the point that people can walk into a retail store and order off of a marijuana menu, which is the case, then I’m sure you will agree that it is more a case of it being regulated as opposed to illegal in any meaningful sense of the word.

    It’s ‘illegal’ for political reasons but it really isn’t. It goes back to the point that I make over and over. If someone wants to smoke they’re going to. In Amsterdam It’s taxed, quality controlled and done with no dealers or smuggling or gunfights, etc.

    While I think that laws against cannabis have proven useless in the US I do not think that anyone under 21 should be using cannabis, except for medical reasons. I do not want to be misunderstood.

    Fundamentally I am in agreement with you and other commenters regarding cannabis use by young people. I believe that it is important to deal in facts and reality concerning cannabis. The ‘Reefer Madness’ type of propaganda needs to stop if we are going to make any real progress in helping our children.

    I appreciate the chance to have an intelligent discussion with people who also want to keep kids off of drugs.

    1. Rich–Your 11 year old goes to school with kids who sell weed? Does your kid use weed? My son says he started at 11 even though I talked with him many times that pot was not good for him. He was an expert at hiding it until I caught him at 15. He was already addicted. He also used alcohol but more on weekends–he used pot daily and during school. Alcohol is more noticeable. I thought I was dealing with alcohol only until I found out about the pot. It became an obsession with him and a major fight to get him to stop. He got it from kids whose mom signed for a medical marijuana card. At 18 he got his own card. He was an adult and we could not stop him. A pot doc gave him the card although he was addicted. He could not compete in college classes and had to drop out one quarter. He had started to use other drugs. He started to make butane hash oil. He became psychotic and manic and unstable. We tried to get him to come home from the university to get treatment and the only way he would go is if we got him some medical pot. The dispensary clerk saw he was acting crazy but sold him the pot anyway. I saw him smoke a lot of this pot on the way home and the next day he was full blown psychotic. His regular p doc had him 51/50d into the psych ward where the doctor told us he needed to stop using drugs before we could figure out if he had a mental illness or it was just drug induced. After he got arrested for speeding while high he was in jail for 24 hours with no marijuana and his mania and psychosis disappeared and he was himself again. Finally after cycles of escalating drug use he has been sober for almost a year and starting to emerge as not mentally ill at all–it was drug addiction. But he lost so much in the process. Many kids he knew in school from all groups became addicted, not just him. We know others that had manic and psychotic episodes. They are either in recovery, dead, or still struggling with addiction or mental illness. It has cost a lot of emotional and physical pain and money for all of us.

      I hope your kid does not do weed but chances are he will, in which case I hope he is one of those who can take it or leave it. My son used to make all the arguments you are making. Every song he listened to glorified weed. He sold weed, wanted to grow weed, write about weed, lost girlfriends and sports, lost college, lost 5 years of growing up because of weed. No counseling or treatment that we tried dislodged this weed addiction from his mind–until the heroin addiction.

      I have done a lot of research on the effects of pot because I wanted to find out how it would affect him, and nothing I read from a reputable scientific source reassured me that weed is harmless. Not only that, it is harmful to the addicted person’s family. I have seen countless news articles with kids getting arrested for large and small crimes with one common factor–they are high on some drug or other–including marijuana.

      Re legalization: Medical marijuana was extremely easy for kids to get in California as is alcohol. It is virtually legal and rampant. It can be easily hidden unlike alcohol. It is also decriminalized and no one gets arrested unless pulled over for a traffic stop/doing something else, or trafficking, using in school. Given that med mj is so available to anyone over 18 in CA, including addicts and the mentally ill, how will legal and advertised recreational pot make things any better? They can only get worse.

      I am tired of this idea that drugs are safe or that most people can use them without problems or that it is made up reefer madness. I saw it with my own eyes. If I were you knowing what I know today I would go to my kid’s school and report the selling of marijuana by 11 year olds and get the school to do something about it. I would drug test my kid, just for his own safety. You may be thinking–my kid wouldn’t do that–but I thought that too.

      1. Samantha,
        That’s quite a horror story! I hope you and your kid can make progress to a healthy solution.

        Myself, I learned from parenting classes with my first child that the best time to talk about things like sex with your kid is EARLY and OFTEN.

        That’s what I did, and that’s what I do. My 11 year old came to me asking about kids ‘vaping’, which he saw at school. He feels comfortable talking to me about sex, drugs, cannabis, vaping, or ANYTHING he wants to talk about.

        I don’t know what went wrong in your case but to answer your question no, he doesn’t smoke weed. And shame on you for saying he probably will. You know NOTHING about me and my kid.

        And going to his school and turning him into a snitch is about the stupidest thing I’ve heard. Good God. What is wrong with you?

        I hope he never smokes weed but if he wants to when he’s 21 there’s nothing that will stop him.
        At 21 I don’t think that anyone should tell an adult what they can or can’t put into their bodies. It’s a personal choice at that point.

        The best way to get someone to do something is to tell them that they’re not allowed to. Remember that.

  4. You can’t self-medicate. That’s a load of garbage to put it bluntly. I know a lot of people who say they are just ‘self-medicating’. The problem is:
    -you don’t know the levels of THC you are taking, therefore you cannot tell if you’re taking a regular dosage or if you’re fluctuating, therefore you cannot tell if the amount you’re taking is actually helping or not.
    -you don’t know the side-effects of regular consumption of THC, therefore you cannot say whether the side-effects of when you take it or when you are not on it are caused by whatever you’re self-medicating against or whether it’s caused by the actual pot. After all, big tobacco would argue that people’s sore throats were caused by NOT smoking back in the day. If you don’t have a complete list of side-effects (and ACCEPT that they are actual side-effects) then you have no clue what you’re doing. If you’re not a doctor able to document the side effects, you’re even likely to overlook them when you’re in a stupor (see the number of doctors who self-medicated with cocaine…)
    -you cannot be sure of where you’re getting the marijuana from, except possibly if you grow it yourself. Why do I mention this? Because people I know who were actually using prescribed marijuana at times get tainted marijuana. It’s not like it’s a government sanctioned pharmacy giving it to you….
    -if someone is damaged from self-medicating, there’s no one who has to take responsibility. No one to say “they met these requirements…” No one to say “I was monitoring this.”

    Self-medicating is plain stupidity and finding any excuse they can to get high, not anything intelligent.

    Also for the record, when a drug is illegal to everyone it’s use is lower among every age group including teens, and when they do use it then it’s not used as much and more often given up when they’re old enough to hold a job. I don’t just want teens to not use, I want ADULTS to not use! Illegality is the best and most effective tool.

    1. Chrissy,
      Illegality has gotten us to where we are today.
      You consider this effective?
      My 11 year old kid goes to an A rated school in a nice community, where he sees kids selling weed at school.
      Adults don’t care what YOU want them to do or not do.
      You just listed a few very good reasons why weed should be legal (quality control, strength) and then you posted some stats that you made up that are not accurate.

      Whether legal or not, if people want to smoke they will. If they don’t want to they won’t. Whether Chrissy wants them to or not!

  5. Rich- please do YOUR homework. Have you researched globally when countries legal MJ? The stats prove otherwise to your logic.
    I’m so happy that you don’t have to live daily with the loss of your “child” who is deceased from the culture of drugs which is like a plague in this country. Maybe, if you did, these irrational comments you have made about why MJ should be legalized would be apparent.
    The MOST important changes I’m fighting to see happen- just as the College of Surgeons & Physicians just rewrote the new ” standard” for MMJ in the province of British Columbia last week no person < age 25 can be given a MMJ card. Why? Because these MDs understand the dangers to the developing brain from today's turbo-charged pot. This is just one of the effective changes this Canadian province has executed to save young people's mental health which is causing this North American country which, like the U.S., has a high % of cannabis users amongst its youth and their incidence of mental illness is skyrocketing, too.

    1. Lori,
      You know absolutely nothing about the many losses of loved ones that I’ve suffered through as a result of drug use. You know nothing about me. Like Sally, you seem content to blurt out statements about which you know nothing.

      Please do tell, what irrational comments did I make?
      Again, no example, no sources, no NOTHING.
      What are the stats that prove contrary to my logic?

      You point your finger and say that I’m wrong but you offer not even an example or alternate theory or fact. That’s pretty easy to do. It’s not so easy to say something that’s true, that you know something about. Please, enlighten me. I’m listening. I can admit when I’m wrong.

      I’m not advocating for drug use in teens, or anyone. I’m not even advocating for cannabis use in teens, or anyone. I’m saying that our gov’s best thinking got us where we are today: as you said ‘a culture of drug use plagues our nation’.

      Our current laws have done nothing to stop this culture. The changing of some laws offer us a tool to help keep kids off of drugs, even cannabis. Changes can also offer a fortune in saved money resulting in lung damage resulting from smoke going into the lungs of Americans if we have edibles available as an alternative. Is that not rational?

      I’m listening. Please respond!
      And yes. I have done plenty of research. There are very few countries with legal cannabis but in the Netherlands, where cannabis is legal, there is about half the use than there is here in the US. If you would like the link to document this just ask and I’ll post it. I do not want to violate rules here by posting links when I’m not sure they’re allowed.

      Please do comment back. Other than a blanket statement about how I’m not rational I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and how exactly my statements aren’t rational.

      Thank you,

      1. Rich, It is not legal in the Netherlands; it is tolerated in coffeehouses. They have clamped down on pot. Dutch culture is not like American culture at all. Americans are extremists and we’re a multi-cultural nation. We are the place where kids binge drink, and Europeans (other than in Great Britain which is now as multi-cultural,too, no one can understand).

        1. Hey editor, guess what? I was in Amsterdam last year and they HAVEN’T CLAMPED DOWN ON ANYTHING!
          Walk the streets and all you can smell is the sweet smell of cannabis!
          Are you really STUPID enough to think that shops sell cannabis from a pot menu while it’s illegal? WRONG. AGAIN.

  6. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss!

    I find it horrifying that any parent would knowingly allow their kids to use heroin, let alone introduce it to YOUR children. There’s obviously nothing cool or insightful about that! If other parents knowingly helped introduce my kids to an assortment of drugs, including heroin, I would pursue a legal remedy, whether criminal or civil.

    You say that every parent you know who lost a child said that they first used cannabis. I wonder how many abused a legal drug like cough syrup or alcohol or pain killers or other pharmaceutical drugs, in reality, before cannabis?

    For all anyone knows cannabis might have just as easily helped them cope with their problems in life and actually delay the point of their death, albeit premature. The only thing anyone knows for sure is that cannabis killed no one!

    You stated that alcohol has medicinal uses but in reality, experts disagree on whether or not this is true (According to WebMD).

    Your message to tell parents to tell their kids that alcohol is safer than cannabis is dangerous and reckless. Misguided statements like that could actually end up causing more deaths! Let’s not say things that let young people go forth with inaccurate information that could prove deadly!

    Please do proper research before making dangerous and inaccurate statements like that! Drunk drivers alone kill thousands upon thousands of people every year in our country. Alcohol itself destroys the human body. It ruins the liver, causes violent and aggressive behavior and black outs, and at best MIGHT help a persons heart when used in very small amounts, but again, experts can’t agree on this.

    You say that cannabis and robitussin were abused early on by both of your kids, before alcohol, correct? Do you know what cannabis and robitussin have in common? Unlike alcohol, they are both easily accessed by children under 21. Seriously, do you think that sellers of weed today ask for ID on the black market?

    I’m not sure about your ‘anesthetize the nation’ theory, as related to legal cannabis. If we really want kids to stay off of cannabis, as I do, the ONLY way to make that happen is to legalize it fully!

    It will then have a barrier standing in the way of children accessing it, as does alcohol. That’s a barrier that simply does not exist today. Along with this barrier will be quality control, regulation, taxation, and billions of dollars in cannabis sales pumped into our economy.

    Or, if kept on the black market only, it will continue to strengthen the Mexican drug cartels. Where do YOU think it would work toward the safety and greater good of The USA? Think about it!

    REMEMBER: It’s an undisputed fact that whether legal or not, if someone wants to smoke cannabis they’re going to smoke it and if someone doesn’t want to smoke it they won’t. At this point the only question is who will control the BILLIONS of dollars in monthly sales dollars? The US economy? Or the Mexican drug cartels?

    Again, my condolences.

    1. Oh, Rich. If it were only so simple. It is NOT. It is all highly complex.

      Carding in dispensaries does not prevent teens from obtaining the drug anymore than carding in liquor stores prevents access to alcohol. Legalizing does nothing to curtail access.

      The Billions of revenue you reference would be in the ratio of other addictive substances – tobacco and alcohol – that bring in tax revenue of roughly 10% of the costs to regulate, prevent abuse and treat the ensuing addictions and social expense. There is NO net gain.

      Mexican cartels are already switching to narcotics since the USA has become the king of marijuana production. Legalizing does nothing to put them out of business.

      Legalizing is a STRONG message that marijuana (or all drugs as most legalizers support) is a part of the fabric of our society, what people do to socialize and unwind. It is a highly addictive substance, 1 in 6 teens – 17%, that devastates lives. Not only the lives of the users and addicts but the entire circle of family and friends surrounding them.

      Don’t forget that these kids are the ones that have to mature and learn to function in our challenging world and solve the problems that our generations have created. I do not want them having to do that through a fog of substance abuse and addiction. We have to get back to caring about the kids and helping them avoid substance abuse. When people like you say that legalization will help, you add to the problem. Use of addictive substances does not help anything.

      1. Sally,
        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Your opinion is that preventing alcohol sales to people under 21 does not curtail sales to teens? REALLY?
        I would strongly disagree with that statement. If alcohol sales are denied to people under 21 then where are they going to get it?

        Sure, there will ALWAYS be the teens outside 7-11 who beg an adult to buy beer for them but are you certain that they are 100% successful in getting their hands on it? That’s an insane thing to assert! And if they aren’t successful then alcohol, in fact, ISN’T available to them.

        I never said it would be impossible for teens to get weed if legal. I said it would provide a barrier that is not there now. That is, by definition, what curtailing is, just FYI.

        Based on your comment of ‘no net gain’ let’s take a look at the first state to legalize cannabis, Colorado, as an example, since they were the first state to legalize it and have the longest track record so far that we can look at.

        2014 was their first full year of legalization. In that year the state collected around $52,000,000.00 in tax money from legal sales. You are saying that the cost of regulation and abuse prevention and treatment for addicted people will be half a billion dollars? REALLY?

        Remember, the damage done by cigs and alcohol have nothing to do with the cost of regulating cannabis. Where exactly are you getting these figures?

        Mexican drug cartels are switching to other drugs you say? THANK YOU for agreeing with one of my points! Cannabis has made these evil cartels wealthy enough and powerful enough to operate with impunity! THIS change in our cannabis laws has forced them to change the way that they operate!

        We have taken one of their most profitable cash cows away from them by legalizing cannabis, albeit only in 4 states so far, but I think that that’s outstanding! They are evil and they will never stop hurting anyone they have to hurt to make money ANY way that they can. Personally I despise these cartels and I’m glad we are hurting their revenue! Aren’t you?

        Are you saying that somehow it would be better if THEY were still making the money on cannabis that is being circulated into OUR economy and stimulating revitalization in cities here in America? Please explain how you came to that conclusion. I would love to hear it!

        Please do share the source for your assertion that people who favor cannabis legalization also want ALL drugs legalized. I did not realize that this was true. I missed the documentary that showed groups popping up, rallying to get heroin and cocaine legalized, as you state.

        Marijuana IS widely used in our society! But that changed in the 60’s when people realized that the ‘Reefer Madness’ propaganda really wasn’t true. This is not something that JUST happened. Cannabis use became more widespread HALF A CENTURY AGO. Like it or not it is a HUGE part of our society.

        It may be true that 1 in 6 teens smoke or have smoked cannabis. Smoking cannabis though is a far cry from having your life devastated by cannabis! You should know that Sally. (Where are you getting these numbers??)

        I do agree with you that children should not have access to cannabis or abuse any drugs, legal or not. But I strongly disagree with your statement that people like me, who favor legalization, are adding to the problem. In fact, when you say that it shows how out of touch with reality you are!

        Unlike you, Sally, I do not make up numbers and offer up my own unfounded opinions as the truth. Doing THAT, in reality, is what’s adding to the problem. I like to deal with FACTS. So let’s look at some.

        You state that checking ID does nothing to curtail access to alcohol or cannabis in underage people. WRONG.
        Based on your statements, Colorado will spend half a billion dollars a year to regulate cannabis? WRONG.
        You assert that Mexican drug cartels have lost the ability to make a fortune smuggling cannabis into the US. CORRECT!
        (You somehow twisted that in to a negative thing). COMICAL.
        You stated that people who favor cannabis legalization also want all drugs legalized. WRONG.
        You say that legalizing cannabis send a message that it is part of our society.
        While it HAS been part of our society for over 50 years, legalization sends a message that we are learning from our mistakes.
        You say that 1 in 6 teens smoke or have smoked, you weren’t really clear on that. But smoking, in and of itself, does not devastate someone’s life.
        WRONG AGAIN.

        Ignorance, not cannabis legalization, is what adds to the problem. Part of ‘the problem’ is the fact that for half a century the laws against cannabis use have failed miserably! In fact, the one thing that history has proven is this:

        It’s THAT simple indeed!
        I would love to hear your response, only this time can you please make statements ONLY that are known to be true? Otherwise, when you make statements that are out of touch with the reality of this situation, it does make the simple facts seem quite complex.

        Thank you,

    2. Thats weird. I didn’t read her say one thing about alcohol being less dangerous than marijuana. But then, I’m sober. Your response to the article was insulting to the author. This is a website for adults and parents who oppose the proliferation of marijuana in American society and its detrimental affects on children.

      The author did NOT say alcohol was safer than marijuana. She said marijuana is NOT safer than alcohol, which is a myth perpetuated in our country by the marijuana lobby.

      As for facts, it is impossible to discuss facts with people who are under the delusion that marijuana is “medicinal” and a wonderful thing. The marijuana lobby makes sure they denigrate and do everything in their power to deflate any study that comes out on marijuana use that doesn’t say marijuana is wonderful. They have set up thousands of websites promoting the use of pot and funded “scientific” studies from other “scientists.”

      Why are you on a website dedicated to fighting the proliferation of marijuana? Why would you write a long message like the one you posted here arguing with a mother who has lost her child? Are you high? Lets get real, Rich.

      I used to be a marijuana addict, but I got sober 28 years. I’ve been going to meetings all these years and talking to and working with people who have a problem with alcohol, marijuana and drugs. It is sickening to see firsthand what is happening to people in our society. They are raised in homes with parents who think marijuana is great. Thank God my parents didn’t give me that message or I might have found it to be impossible to get and remain sober the way the kids struggle today.

      When you’ve known people who have committed suicide, ruined their marriages, hurt their children, driven their cars off the side of a cliff at 24, stuck a gun in their mouths, or overdosed themselves because they couldn’t stand the pain and agony of addiction another day, then you don’t have glib statements to make to the mothers of the dead.

      I support this woman in making her statement about her experience – her sad, sad, heartbreaking experience – and the deaths of children and young friends she loved.

      1. Well, Rae, I will answer your questions.
        In my efforts to find ANYONE who is in favor of continuing laws against MJ and willing to discuss it, this page is the ONLY place where I have found folks willing to debate the issue. I realize that since this is an anti-MJ page ANY pro-legalization comment I make will be met with hostility. But most ‘experts’ or commenters prefer to make comments that are false, like you just did, then, when questioned, remain silent.

        Even the hostile comments I get here, when I respond and question their logic, go unanswered. It’s a ‘hit and run’ style typical for people who want to continue the ‘reefer madness’ propaganda which has been dished out by the gov since the 1930’s. I’m extremely careful to make statements that are factual, lest I get banned from this website, which is usually the preferable technique from groups like this, when challenged by logic.

        Again, to the moderator here, I say thank you for letting me engage in conversation with people like you, even though we do not have to agree on the issue. Why don’t you look back at some of the nonsense that has been posted after my comments and ask yourself which makes more sense?

        For instance, you said that you are fighting the proliferation of MJ in the US, right? Let me tell you something Rae, that ship has sailed! That Genie can’t be stuffed back into the bottle. Like it or not, MJ is EVERYWHERE, in fact it’s not called ‘weed’ because it ISN’T a weed! Your efforts would be better spent trying to rid the planet of cockroaches!

        If you think that MJ has no medicinal use then YOU must be stoned! Seriously! What would you do if you had a kid who’s only hope for survival was the help of the medical MJ but the gov said ‘sorry, you can’t help your kid’? Would you sit back and let your kid die? Please, answer that question if nothing else.

        Do you think that you can somehow discount the countless documented cases in which kids with seizures or sick cancer patients have had their lives greatly improved by MJ?

        Do you think that doctors who support medical MJ are somehow mistaken? So you put quotation marks on ‘scientists’ who have discovered medical usefulness provided by MJ, as though their research is meaningless?

        I’m sorry, but as much as you want that to be true it simply isn’t! Maybe MJ was not a good thing in YOUR life. My advise to you is DON’T USE IT. But if it provides relief to someone who is sick who are YOU to tell them that they can’t use it?

        I can’t say that I agree with you on my response to the woman’s statement either. She had a sad story and I offered condolences but she did say some things that simply were not true. I did, however, agree with some of the things she said. My message to her was that MJ is more accessible to kids while on the black market than it would be if it were legal and regulated. She even said her kids started with MJ then went on to more harmful LEGAL substances. Do you not agree that black market sales are available to anyone? It’s easier to get MJ than beer for a kid because beer is sold to adults only, as MJ should be, but isn’t, because it’s illegal.

        As far as the propaganda, I think you have it backwards. There are more websites with scare tactics set up by people who want the ‘reefer madness’ thinking to continue, like you, than there are set up by lobbyists for the MJ industry. They, like you, want to discount all the helpful and yes, wonderful benefits that sick people have found in MJ.

        Even if you were correct, I’d rather see domestic lobbyists push for legalization and regulation than drug cartels getting wealthy from smuggling MJ into the US.

        You had a problem with MJ. That doesn’t mean that everyone does. That’s YOUR weakness. Everyone has weaknesses. That doesn’t mean that you can blame everybody’s problems on MJ. Someone committed suicide and they used MJ? I could argue that they may have done it even sooner if the MJ didn’t help them cope. Nobody knows. Everyone has a different story that’s true for them.

        When you imply that MJ has no medicinal use it makes it obvious just how uninformed you are. THC has been synthesized and used in pharmacies for decades, all while the FDA simultaneously has kept it classified as not medically useful. You can’t have it both ways.

        I would love to have a respectful and factual conversation with you or anyone who thinks that the system, which we have in place now, which is at it’s tipping point towards change, is effective. It does more to hurt people than help. But alas, I doubt that you will respond. Please prove me wrong!

        Thank you, Rich

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