California: Big Losses for Pot Legalization Movement

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Two more jurisdictions in California recently voted to not allow marijuana dispensaries in their communities. Last week voters strongly rejected pot distribution for “medical” purposes in  Yucca Valley.  The city of Riverside recently beat back marijuana, too.

The vote to ban medical marijuana dispensaries was  slightly under 60% in Yucca Valley, and slightly over 60% in Riverside.

Cannabis industry groups and the marijuana lobby have spread a message that nationwide legalization is inevitable.  If that rumor is a tactic to stifle opposition, quite the opposite is happening.  StopPot2016 has been organized in advance of a statewide ballot initiative that is expected in November of next year.  Calmca (Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana) defeated a ballot in 2010 and continues to work against a new ballot.

Not Inevitable

The momentum of pot legalization has been reversed. The inevitability of legalization was always a myth, but now it’s dead.    Last week the McClintock-Polis Amendment to stop Federal prosecution of recreational marijuana was defeated in the House of Representatives.  Furthermore, the marijuana industry/lobby has lost every major Court battle recently.  

Last month the County Council Snohomish County, Washington, voted to continue the ban on marijuana grows in rural areas of the county.  Residents of Niwot, Colorado, organized a group, No Pot in Niwot, to show opposition to a proposed marijuana grow.  A survey in the town showed that 75% of the respondents opposed, although Boulder County will have the final say.

These victories for community show that even a small amount of education and opposition can result in defeats for the legalization movement and its heavily-funded marijuana industry and lobby.

Lori Green, a member of the Yucca Valley chapter of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana led the opposition. Green learned about marijuana dispensaries when one opened next to her daughter’s ballet school in the Monterey Business Center. “I’m against the marijuana shops because of the impact they have on young people. The propensity for addiction, the drugged drivers on the road and the message it sends to our kids are all reasons we should not allow this harmful business in our community,” she said.

Joshua Tree National Park, next to Yucca Valley, is a reason tourists should visit, not pot stores.
Joshua Tree National Park, next to Yucca Valley, is a reason tourists should visit, not pot stores.

Californians Unite Against Pot

In California, 75% of the state doesn’t allow the dispensaries.

“Almost every time voters are given the opportunity to allow pot shops in their communities they have soundly rejected the proposals. The voters know pot shops are not serving the seriously ill, they are drug dealers providing drugs for recreational use.” says Scott Chipman, co-chairman of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana and San Diegans for Safe Neighborhoods. In 2013, California’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled that cities and counties can ban marijuana dispensaries.

Similar measures were defeated in the cities of Encinitas and La Mesa in November 2014 and in Del Mar,  Solana Beach, Lemon Grove and Imperial Beach in 2012.  Each election resulted in opposition above or near 60%. These defeats for the marijuana industry send a clear message that residents do not want medical pot shops in their cities, let alone legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

Marijuana dealer/profiteers and drug legalizers are targeting small cities.  They to make money quickly and establish “big marijuana” markets in anticipation that pot will be legalized by a vote in 2016.

Marijuana storefronts have been magnets for crime. Cities with pot shops incur substantial public safety costs and police and sheriff’s offices are not adequately prepared to effectively monitor and regulate them. That’s why so many California cities don’t allow pot shops.

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7 thoughts on “California: Big Losses for Pot Legalization Movement”

  1. Mr or Mrs ‘Anonymous’,
    In the states where cannabis is legal the demand is already higher than the supply. If you have examples of recruitment advertisements, which I doubt, I sure would like to see an example.

    These people who you call ‘drug pushers’ are selling a plant that is already accessible to every person in this country. Remember, we’re talking about a naturally occurring plant that is easily grown anywhere. It’s so easy to grow that it’s called ‘weed’!

    Do a little research and you will find that states that have allowed legalization on any level have seen a reduction in teen use. Edibles can save countless lives as it will no longer need to be smoked, which damages the lungs of the user, saving a fortune in future health problems!

    The spin you are trying to sell is like me telling a steak lover that he is eating the decaying flesh of a dead animal. You can try to make it sound like something that it really isn’t, but in the end the fact remains that if someone wants to smoke weed they’re going to smoke it. Further, when legalized, no one is going to run out in a craze and decide to take up cannabis use! That’s just not realistic.

    So a high profile criminal was stoned when he committed his horrible crime? That proves nothing at all! I could easily argue that if he wasn’t a cannabis user he would have killed ten cops instead of just one! Or if he wasn’t stoned he would have been more coordinated, allowing him to murder even more people! He certainly had the hardware to do much more damage. Perhaps cannabis saved many lives that day!

    Look at all the violent crime that is committed. I can guarantee you that alcohol causes more violence than cannabis. Alcohol, LEGAL alcohol, makes people aggressive, reckless and causes black outs, none of which is true for cannabis. For every one stoned violent criminal there are 1,000 that are high on some other legal substance.

    Cannabis generally causes users to feel mellow, relax and want to giggle and eat food. I’m not speculating I know this to be fact. I have known a great many users of both cannabis and alcohol and I know first hand that those are the marked effects of either substance.

    What if this maniac who just murdered nine people had adderall in his system? Would that one case mean that anyone that uses adderall is more apt to shoot churchgoers than non users? One case like this hardly sets any kind of precedent, as you well know.

    Please do respond, comment back, please. I scarcely find an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with someone who argues for this prohibition crusade to continue. I do understand why. The PRO’s to legalization are many and the CON’s are so few. Most folks won’t engage in an intelligent conversation if they’re arguing for this continued debacle that we call the ‘Drug War’.

    Thank you!

  2. Rich you are forgetting one thing. These drug ‘pushers’ want to advertise and market a highly addictive and brain damaging substance. They want to recruit more smokers, more eaters of edibles and more drinkers of THC laden sodas.

    Our communities will be decidedly unsafer under this scenario.

    The psychotic guy who just tried to attack the police in Dallas was a marijuana user. There is ample research showing the link between cannabis use and psychosis. How many psychotics do you want set loose in your hometown?

    We legalize marijuana at everyone’s peril.

  3. I’m sure the Mexican drug cartels are very pleased that even though the MAJORITY of voters in Cali WANT to legally smoke this plant, the laws here in the US keep the drug war machine going.

    If only the naive readers knew that the drug war is needed not to keep Americans safe, but to keep the federal BILLIONS funding the machine….

    The only question is WHO gets the $?

      1. Editor,
        Thank you for allowing my comments to be posted. I obviously feel strongly about this issue and as such, I speak my mind. For a while I had noticed that the only comments I saw were from people in agreement with you. When I tried to post a comment it never got approved.

        I had already read, and commented on the story that you posted the link to. You make a statement there that it is naive for people to think that taxes will add up and money will be diverted away from Mexican cartels.

        Since that story I have discovered, via a ’60 Minute’ TV show that Colorado alone made $300,000,000 in cannabis sales it’s first full year of selling legal cannabis, which provided that state with over $50,000,000 in taxes.
        THATS JUST ONE STATE! Not one of the most populated states either!

        That is A LOT of money!
        That is A LOT of cannabis!
        I’m sorry but in the 2 years or so since Colorado has legalized cannabis I can not recall a single shred of information indicating that folks out there are losing their minds!

        Seriously, I ask you, as one somewhat intelligent person to another, if there were ANY indication that psychosis would result from cannabis use wouldn’t it be in full swing right now?

        Think about it. $300,000,000 in sales in 2014 alone. Where is all the craziness? If earning $50 Mil in state tax with little, if any, I’ll effect is what you call a ‘state in peril’ shouldn’t the entire country want to be in peril right now?

        The basis for your fears is simply not justified!
        Want to keep kids off pot?
        LEGALIZE IT!
        Control it, tax it, quality control it so no one get a joint laced with PCP of crack!
        Where are all the problems you’re worried about?
        They aren’t there. That’s the honest answer!

        Don’t you think we should be worried about things other than who’s getting stoned? Our country is under attack by terrorists! Violent crime is everywhere! Multi million dollar Ponzi schemes are popping up left and right.
        You think getting stoned ruins lives?
        All these good people who’s live savings have been stolen, THAT’S a ruined life!
        Really! There is SO much more that we should be worried about, yet we sit here in fear of something that is never going to hurt us (cannabis) and we pay the DEA $24,000,000,000.00 a year and even THEY admit that they aren’t even putting a dent in the drug market, not for users or sellers!
        That is 70 million dollars a day we are paying for them to do a job that is not possible to do!
        $70,000,000 A DAY!!!

        I could continue but I would really like to hear what you have to say and I fear that, if I keep typing, I’ll type my comment right out of being posted!

        PLEASE, THINK!!
        Then share your thoughts with me.
        Here’s the show I referenced. It’s an unbiased ’60 Minutes’ TV news show. I hope it’s ok to put the link up.

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