Governor of Idaho Allows CBD Trial Medicine

Boise_IdahoOn  April 16, 2015, Governor Butch Otter of Idaho issued an executive order authorizing the Department of Health and Welfare to implement an FDA-approved expanded access program for treatment-resistant epilepsy in children.

He vetoed a bill that would have allowed a non-pharmacy grade of cannabidiol oil (CBD) to be purchased through an uncontrolled system from questionable sources. Instead, the governor decided upon a plan allowing children with intractable epilepsy to access Epidiolex, a pure, pharmaceutical-grade of CBD, through an FDA-approved clinical trial.

The governor’s decision provides access to CBD oil without violating federal law or going outside of the protections offered by our system of approving medicine. It also provides for the CBD oil to be obtained and administered under strict medical supervision while advancing scientific research into the possible uses of the substance.

The governor followed the advice of state agencies: “While we acknowledge the compassionate intention of S1146a, the list of negative outcomes associated with this bill will be extensive. In our quest to relieve suffering, it is vital that we ensure the solutions employed do not exacerbate health problems of the critically ill or decrease public safety”

Both the House and Senate had been told by the state office of drug policy, the state police and department of health and others that there were too many questions and problems with S1146a. That bill did not adequately look past the potential for misuse and abuse with criminal intent. The Department of Health and Welfare will investigate and monitor long-term outcomes.

Parents Opposed to Pot agrees that only CBD oil that passes scrutiny and guarantees purity should be approved.  Cannabidiol is one of 60 cannabinoids in marijuana.  Another cannabinoid, THC, counteracts the effects of CBD oil. THC is known to cause seizures, and those who receive cannabidiol without removal of the THC are put in a position of risk, especially for the brain.

At least 13 states have some type of policy for allowing CBD oil for children’s seizures. The state of New York is cooperating with the clinical trials carried out at New York University.  It is assumed that Idaho would follow the same plan.

5 thoughts on “Governor of Idaho Allows CBD Trial Medicine”

  1. I’m suffering from many autoimmune diseases that constantly attack my out body. I have to be on steroids for my Addison’s Disease or I will die. I am also suffering from connective tissue disease, a rare disease that only a few people in the world have been diagnosed with called loin pain hematuria syndrome, I could go on I have several more diseases but my point is I’m in extreme horrible pain every second of every day and I am in pain management for it. I would like to use an alternative to opioids. Fist off for me I was something some effective Opioids still leave me with pain but help lessen them but it’s a huge drawback when I have to constantly be in withdrawals!!! I have heard that it is not the case with CBD. Everyone wants people to stop using opioids less but than doesn’t want to give them an alternative?!?! I would just on the chance to have a steady natural pain relief!!! Why would anyone make this illegal??? Nobody has died from marijuana but people die all the time from opioids. If you only could feel the pain I’m in everyday you would be fighting to help relieve this pain. I hope someone reads this and helps.

    1. There is an excellent book about curing Autoimmune diseases. It is called The Last Best Cure. The author, Donna Jackson Nakazawa wrote another book in 2008 called The Autoimmune Epidemic. She suffered from two devastating autoimmune conditions and needed to be frequently hospitalized. It took her about one year to heal herself. The recommendations are not easy, but definitely worth it if you try. A family member has, like you, devastating chronic pain, she tried CBD and it had terrible side effects. (Actually, it didn’t work much at all.) Can’t tell you how excellent Nakazawa’s recommendations are, but you must explain to your doctors and find the necessary specialists who can help you. Good luck. Yes, we do empathize with chronic pain, but we are disgusted that the marijuana industry promises more than it delivers. Pharmaceutical drugs aren’t the answer either, and that is why we are frequently writing articles about alternative treatments like EMDR for chronic pain. Please see our search engine for the article about that.

    2. Just another quick note, there is only one type of pain that a marijuana derivative such as CBD can help with, neuropathic pain. Not sure if your pain is classified that way. There have been numerous studies and tests, and if it’s a different type of pain, you may be very disappointed.

    3. Dear Jessica,
      We really hope you can read that book and get relief! The author has a website and takes questions directly. She’s an expert in autoimmune diseases. As for CBD oils, if you try it but watch out for the snake oil dealers. This journalist is generally so pro-pot but she found out there is a real dark side to those who are selling the oils. It’s a reason you might want to get it from a vendor who passed the FDA approval process. Some have:

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