Help Save My Son — for Himself and Others

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My son suffers from schizophrenia and marijuana addiction. He has become severely depressed and psychotic smoking marijuana, and talks of ending his life. He has been hospitalized 6 times since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana.  He was not hospitalized the year before the legalization of marijuana.

How could Colorado legalize marijuana without any consideration for the mental heath community?  Amendment 64 is a travesty. I need help. I am so afraid for my son who just leaves his home and is in a state of confusion. He gets so paranoid and believes everyone is out to kill him. It has only been two weeks since his last hospital stay, in which he refused substance abuse treatment.  He wants to drive high while being psychotic and talking to his voices.

He is a veteran and receives his treatment through the Veterans Administration. He has a case manager and I have been trying to have his psych doctor sign a paper from the department of motor vehicles that would pull his license to drive. I don’t want him to kill himself or someone else. He has already had several accidents and now has a careless driving ticket. The police have even told me not to let him drive, but how can I do that when he is actively psychotic?

My neighbors wrote a letter for the doctor who’s had this paperwork from the DMV for two months and still refuses to sign the papers. My son almost hit our neighbor’s car head on. as he was driving down the wrong side of the road, and he almost backed into them.   Does he have to kill himself or someone before this doctor will take any action?  He keeps telling me the VA has to call their legal team.   They don’t make the call, and its so frustrating.

He won’t listen to his doctor’s advice or to anyone. Every day is so very challenging and stressful, and it has been very devastating to my family.   (The author lives in Adams County, Colorado)

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9 thoughts on “Help Save My Son — for Himself and Others”

    1. He smoked marijuana as a teenager. He had a traumatic brain injury. He was doing very well on Abilify; it kept him stable. Then he discovered Colorado’s pot
      dispensaries and decided to get off his medication and do marijuana– a disaster. With the dispensaries, there is nothing to keep him away from pot.
      We agree there are side effects to medications, but marijuana is worse. Marijuana is not a treatment for PTSD or mental illness, and the Colorado
      Health Department recently made that determination.

  1. Just gut-wrenching to read this mother’s story. So, here’s a classic example of a young man who proudly served his country but tragically got involved using pot, becomes psychotic and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Yet, the VA hasn’t found a way, legally, to get him into addiction treatment ( the mom writes her son refused substance abuse treatment). And this man’s physician has yet to sign the necessary papers for the DMV to revoke his driving license.

    What has this country has descended into? Our govt has YET to issue a public health warning like the Canadian govt ( Health Canada) did late last year, both on-line, as well as launching a a $7.5 million campaign that pot CAN cause loss of IQ as well as TRIGGER delusions and hallucinations (which is psychosis).

    We have no recourse for parents watching helplessly as their teen or adult child develops severe psychiatric effects from pot which is now legalized for recreational use in CO where this young man lives. The young person is not aware of the insidious MH changes to their brain, including addiction, so the viscous cycle perpetuates until as the mother so rightfully fears her son will ultimately harm himself &/or others:-( I weep with this mother as I lost my own young 25 year old son, 39 months ago to the consequences of his using cannabis believing it was just a “harmless” herb as society continues to project ( especially the pro pot supporters including now Wall Street with GREED as their only objective in hooking more of our youth on a completely different type of marijuana than used in the Hippie era). Oh, how this just sickens me beyond! Please stand up and be counted and fight against the Big Pot movement sweeping the U.S. It may be YOUR family member next to succumb to the high- octane strains of THC ( basically marijuana’s own”antipsychotic” property- CBD- has essentially been bred out of the strains of pot so ubiquitous in this country) so more and more of our youth are experiencing profound mental health issues ( from panic attacks, severe anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, acute psychosis to the worst of all chronic psychosis – schizophrenia).

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