The Medical Marijuana Hoax, Part 3: The Strategy

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“We are trying to get marijuana reclassified medically.  If we do that, we’ll be using the issue as a red herring to give marijuana a good name.”  Keith Stroup, Emory University,  February 6, 1979

Stroup is founder of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law).  Thirty – five years later,  Stroup and his followers think his plan is  working.   Social media has helped the marijuana movement, which markets itself to teens and young adults, for votes and for new marijuana users.

TODAY, promoters claims marijuana holds the cure for nearly everything, including ebola.  Despite its intensive genetic alteration of the marijuana plant over the last 20 years — to make it more potent — advocates call it an herb. They don’t take responsibility for the damage pot does to the environment, or for the psychosis and mental health problems it causes in some people.   See The Medical Marijuana Hoax, Part 2: Mental Illness.

Parents Opposed to Pot believes the decision of January, 2013, by the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, to keep marijuana a Schedule I drug (high potential for abuse), is correct.  Marijuana is a dangerous drug because of its perceived harmlessness,  and its cult-like following.   Americans would be wise to look into what happened when marijuana was rescheduled in Great Britain.

Marijuana can cause psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addiction and psychosis.   In January, 2014, Dan Linn of NORML Illinois said that there has always been the cannabis and schizophrenia connection.  If NORML has known this link, how in good conscience can they push for legalization?   A typical reader may compare it to the tobacco industry, fast-food restaurants, etc.  However, marijuana-induced mental disorders can appear within a shorter period time, as opposed to other unhealthy choices that take years off the end of life.   Not everyone is susceptible to problems with marijuana and not everyone will use in excess, but the industry preaches that marijuana is harmless and non-addictive .

How They’re Pushing the Medical Marijuana Hoax

Reading the “weed blogs” gives insight into the mind of the “Pot Lobby.”   First comes decriminalization, followed by medical marijuana, followed by full legalization.  Californians voted on Proposition 215 and approved medical marijuana in 1996, because huge campaign donations funded that ballot.  The roll of money to legalize has been nonstop ever since, with billionaires such as George Soros funding the movement. Oregon and Washington had ballot initiatives for medical marijuana in 1998.  Alaska, Maine and Colorado came shortly afterwards.    Pot policy makers are going for a checkerboard pattern of states, so  that states without it will be forced to join their neighbors.

Medical marijuana businesses depend on catchy names while guaranteeing no consistency in their product.  One strain had no buyers until it changed it name to Chocolope.  This lack of consistency is a huge red flag.  As the Los Angeles Times article further explains, “Chemist Jeff Raber examined 1,500 samples of marijuana in California and found little genetic cohesion between varieties of the same name.”

Medical marijuana has always been the cover for a plan to bring full-scale legalization. The marijuana industry plays the “compassion” game to gain sympathy supporters and gradually get public acceptance, slandering members of Congress who disagree. (See The Medical Marijuana Hoax, Part 1: Do Patients Go to Jail?)  Once the industry markets itself to potential patients, many of these so-called patients get “hooked.”   The industry’s tactic of getting more people addicted has succeeded by introducing the potent strains of marijuana, and by targeting the young.

If they succeed in getting enough people high, it is easier to control their minds.   For a year or two, the pot industry has been telling us that legalization is “inevitable.” — another manipulative tactic.  The plan is that states without medical marijuana will face extreme political pressure to join their neighbors.

Medical marijuana advocates now count 23 states as having some form of medical marijuana.   However, Florida, the 4th most populous state in the country, recently rejected a medical marijuana ballot which needed 60% of the votes to pass.   Marijuana lobbyists are active in every state, and they believe full legalization is right around the corner.Weedmaster2_0003

A Cure for Everything

In early 2011, the Cannabis Industry Association bragged that it was a $1.7 billion business.  At first, marijuana was promoted as an aid for cancer and AIDs treatment, because the THC in marijuana can help nausea and stimulate appetite of cancer victims.  At this time, not more than 5% medical marijuana patients actually have cancer or AIDS, as a political site fact – checker  published.   Today, the common condition those who seek medical marijuana is “pain,”  a sign the industry is trying to nurture dependence, and not cure people.  (A shot of whiskey also cures “pain.”) If those who use marijuana for “pain” treatment, sought a chiropractor instead, their treatments could be for a limited time.

Marijuana has been promoted from its status, as the cure for nausea in cancer patients, to being the cure for cancer, as marijuana advocates claim today.  The biggest argument against marijuana as a cancer cure is that pharmaceutical companies from around the world would be marketing it, if it were truly a viable cure.  The claim that marijuana cures cancer is reminiscent of the laetrile controversy  30 years ago, explained in a recent article by Robert Weiner in AlcoholismDrugAbuseWeekly.

Treating Epilepsy, Seizures, Etc.

Regardless of safety or efficacy, it is understandable how parents may want to try an alternative to the  strong cancer-fighting and epilepsy drugs.   However, we do not support any treatment for children that has THC which can alter brain chemistry.   We ask that marijuana providers provide warnings, (See our article of the Medical Marijuana Risks for children), as pharmaceutical companies are required to do.

No qualifications are needed to be a “ganjapreneur,” in today’s “green rush.”  How can we continue to allow self-proclaimed wizards of pot to hold all the cards, without warning about the side effects?  Regulation of medical marijuana has been very difficult in the West, due to the objection of the industry.  Oregon finally implemented regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries this year, but faced industry opposition.  When Washingtonians voted for pot legalization in 2012, there was a consensus that medical marijuana was not being regulated and perhaps the limits of I-502 could  bring commercial marijuana under some regulation.

Since we published our story on Medical Marijuana and PTSD,  a new story has come out about how marijuana makes PTSD symptoms worse.   A ploy of the medical marijuana industry has been using is to convince people that marijuana is the only medicine for their ailments.  They try to find people who are “chronically ill.”

The road to HELL is paved with good intentions” explains the path of medical marijuana.  One former medical marijuana patient wrote to PopPot, explaining that after two years of using medical marijuana for an auto-immune disease, it brought on psychosis.  How can the Marijuana Policy Project, Drug Policy Alliance, NORML, Americans for Safe Access and United for Care not see that it is ethically wrong to promote something which such strong and horrific side effects—particularly in the mental health arena?   We already have a mental health crisis in the US.  Why add to it?

The vast majority of ordinary citizens who don’t use marijuana also don’t take the time to figure out the deception.

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23 thoughts on “The Medical Marijuana Hoax, Part 3: The Strategy”

  1. Medical pot is a hoax! And likely the biggest medical lie ever concocted. And an insult to the Hippocratic Oath. Yet here it is occurring right before our very eyes in our supposedly progressive, open-minded, enlightened and honest society.

    Virtually all the comprehensive research reported by the respectable journals concludes there is not much if any merit whatsoever to so-called, medical marijuana. It turns out placebos are just as effective.

    Unfortunately science has become subservient to our massive drug movement. Myriads of true addicts, or near addicts, or habitual users of marijuana are DOMINATING. They want more acceptance, more widespread liberalization and legalization. They will lie, deceive, connive, or do anything in their power, so they may continue to pursue their drug habits, and get high with impunity.

    The effect of “medical marijuana” is to create as many habitual users and true addicts of marijuana, and to dupe myriads more into truly believing the big lie that marijuana is their one and only miracle medicine. The strategy is to saturate our nation with such a huge culture of DOPERS, there will be no turning back. Totally WICKED!

  2. I didn’t believe in using marijuana for medicine either, but after 7.5 years with sleep apnea, cannabis oil is helping me sleep without apneas. Now I feel rested when I wake up in the morning. I could never sleep more than 4 hours with my cpap. I don’t even have to smoke it, which would only irritate my throat and make the apneas worse. It’s been such a relief to me the last several months as I was thoroughly exhausted all the time. I gain nothing by making these statements; it’s just the truth. There is research to back up my claims.

    1. Dear Tamra,
      We appreciate your comment, and the difficulty of your condition. There is also a new,
      non-medical hook up to the nose which helps with apnea.
      We note that 12-15% of marijuana users risk going into full-blown psychosis. We don’t
      have a safe way of warning who is at risk for psychosis and who is not. Another problem
      is the high rate of addiction for daily users of marijuana, another risk that is
      often not mentioned.
      One of our readers wrote in a comment that she used it for medical marijuana
      for two years and then got psychosis and had to stop. Our problem with NORML
      and other groups that push medical marijuana know of the psychosis and schizophrenia
      side effects and refuse to warn people.

      1. That is absurd. What a complete crock…12-15% of marijuana users go on to full blown psychosis? I don’t think in 25 years as a psychologist working with schizophrenics in various institutional settings, that I have ever heard a bigger piece of nonsense.
        Here are the actual facts, short and sweet. Schizophrenia affects a remarkably stable 1% of people world wide. Since the disease was delineated as a specific disorder in the early 1930’s to today. The rates of scizophrenia have not changed. In 1937, U.S. Government estimated that there were approximately 100,000 marijuana users, Nation wide.
        Enter Pot prohibition, circa 1937. Enter the sixties and the seventies when the number of marijuana users nationwide rose exponentially. SO, what happened to the rates of schizophrenia? Zip. Zilch. Nada. Not a thing. 1%
        Marijuana use is ASSOCIATED with schizophrenia….it is correlated. Interestingly, the people shout about the link between cannabis and schizophrenia seem to be completely unaware that there are two drugs MUCH more closely correlated with schizophrenia. Caffeine and nicotine. Schizophrenia is correlated with the use of these two substances to a stratospheric 90 and 70 percent, respectively. Yet no one with two neurons to rub together (and without an agenda) suggests these drugs CAUSE schizophrenia.
        For 70 years cannabis has been illegal, and for 50 of those, our government has bent over backwards to find, fund or BUY research that find something, ANYTHING harmful. What HAS been proven beyond any refutation is that marijuana is the least toxic, least harmful medicinally active substance currently know. It has few, manageable side effects, is not toxic at ANY dose, and it has NO drug interactions at all. On top of that, it is easily titrated by the patient andneasy to administer by a variety of routes. As such it is the safest therapeutic substance out there and should be a first line, go-to drug for a very wide variety of conditions. Take it from a doctor.

        1. We have never found that the CDC, WHO or anyone actually tracks the worldwide rate of schizophrenia. We know that a doctor came up with that explanation, but he never showed the tracking. Simplistic response. We worry about
          the places you work if you really do not know about this connection. Please check out these studies and you may change your mind about some of your hardwired, stubborn conceptions.

          We note that a large percentage of people who become psychotic after using marijuana can go back to “normal” if they never use pot again. It is marijuana not amphetamine that most consistently results in chronic psychotic outcomes according to a study of 19,000 Finnish patients with acute psychosis caused by different recreational drugs:

  3. The is fact is you can not over dose on pot, unlike the true gateway drug alcohol or just about any pill your dr. Gives you. Why keep preaching the same Ole lies that are simply not true? ? What about the children and cod oil??? From Going 300 seizures To only a Few is a miracle.

    1. You cannot overdose on tobacco cigarettes. It doesn’t make it good for you.

      Miracle cures–please be skeptical of anything that claims to create miracles. CBD oil is not the same as marijuana with THC. Some have now reported it to be less good than was originally thought.

    2. That’s what makes it worse for you. You naively think it’s harmless as you increase your usage. Meanwhile, It eats away at your healthy brain functioning while deteriorating your lungs and immune system. Potheads will go to all length to promote that garbage, even to the point of associating CBD based medicine for childhood epilepsy as somehow equivalent to smoked weed. Shame on you!!

  4. “The biggest argument against marijuana as a cancer cure is that pharmaceutical companies from around the world would be marketing it, if it were truly a viable cure.”

    Before they can market it, they first have to patent a prepared cannabinoid mixture. Then they have to clear through human clinical trials — which is time-consuming and costly.

    Two pharmaceutical companies are doing this, at the moment. One is GW Pharma based in Britain, which just began the first human clinical trials for cannabis and cancer late last year.

    The second is Cannabis Science Inc., which had to move its headquarters from the US to Europe because they can’t get approval from the FDA/DEA to perform human clinical trials with cannabis in the US.

    You can read more about it here:

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