Does Accepting Teen Pot Use Increase Violence?

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The shootings last week in Marysville, Washington, forces into question: What triggers school violence?  Jaylen Fryberg, who shot himself and five others, was a popular, 15-year old Homecoming Prince.  Last December at Arapahoe High School in Colorado, an 18-year old with few signs of mental illness, shot a fellow student and tried to shoot a teacher.  One died at Arapahoe HS, while three died this past week, plus the shooters.

Teachers and mental health professionals are supposed to be able to spot a troubled youth.  These teen boys defied that category.  Jaylen Fryberg, was upset over a break-up and invited friends to eat lunch with him, knowing he would shoot them.  Karl Pierson was upset with a teacher who kicked him off the debate team, and so decided to shoot people. To seek revenge and kill oneself after a disappointment is not normal.   These youth came from the states that had legalized marijuana.  Marijuana needs to be added to our discussion of what causes mass violence, along with violence in the media, access to guns, violent video games, etc.  (Since this article was written, the Twitter feed of Jaylen Fryberg showed him to be quite a marijuana user.  His ex-girlfriend said it made his stupid.)

From the esteemed Lancet Psychiatry Journal, we know that teens who use marijuana are 7x more likely to attempt suicide.  Marijuana blunts feelings.  Both Jaylen and Karl lacked empathy for themselves and others.   Did these boys use marijuana? How much? How long?  Legalizing pot normalizes it; states that have long-term medical marijuana programs have higher usage of  all drugs.   Those who support legalization proposals are promoting a system that legitimizes it.  When pot is normal (or tobacco or booze) for adults, teen usage rises.

Mass shooters James Holmes and Jared Loughner  were known to be marijuana users — and not moderate in their use.  Marijuana averages 13% THC today, opposed to 1-3% in the 1970s and 80s.   Did marijuana feed their psychosis and the psychopathology of Fryberg, Pierson, Columbine killers and others?  Using marijuana increases the  chances for psychotic episodes, anxiety, aggression, schizophrenia, among other problems.

Karl Pierson, an 18-year old shot his classmates at Arapahoe High School in Colorado on Dec. 13, 2013
Karl Pierson, an 18-year old killed a classmate at Arapahoe HS in Colorado on Dec. 13, 2013. Does his diary, now under discussion, reveal marijuana usage?

In all fairness, two of the worst mass shooters in the US, the perpetrators of the Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech massacres, appear to have never used marijuana.  They were more logical in their planning and succeeded in killing more people, unfortunately.

Modern Reefer “Madness”

For every claim of a brilliant mind that used marijuana, without negative effect,  there’s another person who was harmed by using it.  The people described below indicate that marijuana has strong adverse reactions for some individuals, and for society.

1) On September 26, Brian Howard started a fire at the air traffic controllers station in Aurora, IL, holding up commercial planes for days. He was high, and admitted to having smoked marijuana right before the incident.

2)  Amanda Bynes’ mother said she hasn’t been diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, as rumored, and blamed the weird behavior on heavy marijuana use.  Amanda alleged her father had committed child and sexual abuse, but recanted.

3) Kevin Ward, Jr., was tragically hit by race car driver Tony Stewart on August 8, 2014, after he got out of his car to confront an oncoming driver on the track.  He eventually died. It’s perplexing that he would get out of his car considering the situation, but autopsy results show he had marijuana intoxication.

4) Marijuana probably affected the mental states of Megan Huntsman and Erika Murray–two neglectful mothers who let their babies die in their homes.   Other drugs may be involved, too.

5) According to the father of Jodi Arias, accused of the bizarre behavior and the murder of her boyfriend, she has never been the same since she started to grow marijuana at age 14.

6) Johar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston bombers, was supposedly easy- going and smoked a lot of pot.   Since the Boston Marathon bombing, his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev has since been linked to a triple murder on Sept. 11, 2011.  The victims had their throats slashed and were covered in marijuana.

7) In  2012, James Holmes shot and killed 12, and wounded 58, in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater.   Though he probably had not been sane for a number of years, a neighbor reported that he was frequently seen outside by the apartment building smoking pot.

8) On May 26, 2012, Rudy Eugene was caught on tape eating another man in Miami for 18 minutes before police arrived.  When police couldn’t stop him, he was shot.  Eugene died while the disfigured man survived. Toxicology reports showed that marijuana was the only drug in Eugene’s body when he gnawed the man.

9) Casey Anthony was amazingly detached from her actions and from her daughter’s death.  According to a friend of Casey Anthony, she smoked a lot of marijuana, but he was unaware if she used other drugs.

Amanda Knox is far more emotional today.  Did marijuana blunt her emotions in Perugia back in 2007?   Photo: The Guardian
Amanda Knox is far more emotional today. Did marijuana blunt her emotions in Perugia back in 2007? Photo: The Guardian

10) Amanda Knox, when confronted by police the day after Meredith Kercher’s brutal murder.  A regular pot smoker at the time, she admitted to smoking marijuana the night of the murder.  Her blunted emotional reaction to the bloody incident during police questioning was very strange.  (THC stays in the body up to a month, it doesn’t pass like alcohol.)  Without judging Knox to be guilty, we can certainly understand why Knox’s non-reaction to her roommates’ bloody death would lead Italian police to think she was guilty.  She is also from Washington, a state that worships marijuana usage at a festival each year.  One may conclude that Knox was excessively immature and out of touch, but then what was she doing in a foreign country?

A recent  shooter in Washington, Aaron Ybarra , had also “dabbled” in marijuana, although alcohol also played into his demons.  These shooting seem frequent in western states.  We need to see the correlation between the most unexpected school shootings and having medical marijuana in a state.   Why do states without medical marijuana come up in the news less frequently?

The list could go on, but this page represents a warning against validating marijuana.   It’s ungrounded to think legalization would make marijuana less appealing to those under age 21, or regulate underage usage.  Knox, Ward, Anthony,Johar Tsarnaev or Arias were under age 21 during the incidents, or when they started using marijuana. It’s likely that every individual mentioned above began use while while in adolescence.

This “experiment” in legalization is an opportunity for us to step up the warnings and increase funding for drug education and prevention.  It’s time to stop saying that marijuana isn’t harmful, or that it’s safer than alcohol.  Most of these examples are Caucasians, but there’s also a Native American, one black and one Hispanic.  Crazy, pot-influenced behaviors and psychosis don’t discriminate.  They affect male and female, though the males are more likely to be shooters.

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38 thoughts on “Does Accepting Teen Pot Use Increase Violence?”

  1. Say, with no intention of sensationalizing, before time marches on too long, I think attention should be paid to what if any drug abuse was connected to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

    I looked some and actually did find some potential connections. First of all, we should suspect there may be a connection with drug use because hashish and other drugs are indeed a fundamental aspect of Islamic radicalism.

    Second, I am hoping the folks here have some records or recollections of this. I do recall a story regarding Atta and his cohorts while staying at a hotel in Germany, I believe Hamburg. The hotel owner reported a ‘funny’ smoke smell coming from their room, which very likely indicates either marijuana or hashish abuse. Do you all have this on record?

    There are several other oddities, many coming from Florida with the more seedy parts of society, ie prostitutes, who claimed the terrorist group was engaged in drugs as well. Not necessarily a reliable source, but this is interesting.

    Also, another odd connection involves the flight instruction school the terrorists attended in Florida. I don’t know if you here followed this either, but it turns out that school, or the instructor, were involved in drug smuggling. In fact, I recall suggestions they thought the Arabs were seeking flight school so they too could smuggle drugs.

    I am asking if the board here knows about these connections, how reliable you think they are and so forth? Once again, not trying to sensationalize a very serious subject, but I suspect there may very well be a connection between cannabis abuse (marijuana or hashish) as part of the radicalization process, that may in turn resulted in that horror.

    For what it’s worth, my purely speculative, gut instinct tells me this scenario: Ideologically motivated elements within Muslim society, were attracted to pursuing further their anger and resentment. They got lured into the radicalization training network, in this case Al Qaeda, whereupon vast amounts of drugs were used to train and coerce their minds to carry out those attracts. The cannabinoids in conjunction with extreme ideologic bombardment and militant training specifically wired their brains, a kind of brainwashing so they would be programmed toward that specific mission of terror. Then my guess also is that during the flights, they all took some kind of amphetamine, Captagon perhaps, that rendered them berserk. At that point they were true monsters, and this may explain why they were near impossible to subdue.

    1. We haven’t looked into this at all.

      We have enough problems in the US right now with stoned drivers who say it’s
      safer to drive stoned, children going to school high, edibles getting to the
      wrong people. The list goes on and on..

    2. How about the connection between American forces in Afghanistan controlling the massive poppy fields and the major increase in opioid addiction since occupation?

  2. Regarding the recent bombing in Thailand, a couple of leads suggest some similarities to the Boston Marathon bombing. That is videos suggest a possible suspect was youthful and carrying a backpack.

    I just looked up marijuana abuse in Thailand. Of interest, laws there are harsher, but it appears (from casual internet searching) marijuana use is “widespread and is usually tolerated within a social setting.

    If the perpetrators are caught, it will be interesting to see what if any drug abuse history can be ascertained. If we could be ever so fortunate to find about such information, and there was indeed a history of cannabis abuse, rest assured absolutely no one in the American national media will pay much attention to the seemingly persistent link to cannabis and mass terror.

  3. Thank you for the very quick reply! It’s encouraging to know I am not the only one wondering about such things. Enjoy your Sunday morning.

  4. I just did a little research into the train bombings in Spain in March 2004. Apparently it was a politically motivated series of attacks, which did change the course of the Spanish election in favor of the socialist party. The bombings were definitely linked to radical Islamic groups, though it appears local cells were acting independently.

    What I found curious, and my original motivation for learning more about this terrorist attack that killed some 200 people, was to see what links there may be to drugs,

    And sure enough, as predictable, hashish was indeed part of the equation! Apparently hashish sales were made to finance explosives used in the attack. Some of the perpetrators, it appears, were not really strict adherents of Islam either.

    My judicious guess is to say the bombers were also dopers, using that hashish as well as selling it to finance the act of terror.

    Like ALL the rest, it appears to me these sociopaths are using hashish and marijuana extensively, and simultaneously infusing in their minds radical ideology. The neural networks in their brains develop structures favorable to cannabis, and if those neural structures also associate environmental variables such as hate, anger and radical ideology, their indoctrinated, deranged minds will lose all meaning of life as well as direct subsequent, violent behavior.

  5. Another question: Is there any documentation regarding possible drug abuse history with John Hinkley, Jr?

    I never could find anything. Must be clean as a whistle, yet he had the personality, the characteristics, the lifestyle and interests, as well as geographic conditions (Colorado and Los Angeles) to suggest he was part of the drug culture.

    Any info?

    1. A neuroscientist we consult about these questions believes that Hinckley would be a classic case of a person who became psychotic from marijuana. Again, that information is not available.

  6. Speaking of youth, I am reminded of a peaceful fall day along the banks of the Snake River as it meanders through the downtown park of Idaho Falls, Idaho. I was traveling through the West, and decided to take a few moments to enjoy the tranquility. Nearby, maybe twenty yards, were a couple of college age kids at the overlook by the river. They too were apparently soaking in the wonders of autumn. Fine kids I thought.

    Then I noticed that one of the kids may have been smoking a cigarette. I thought to myself that this was unusual and not to be expected in fairly conservative Mormon country. No big deal, Mormon or not, everybody has their vices I figured, and at least they were not smoking marijuana.

    Then the kids turned around to leave. As they walked by me we exchanged cordialities, at which time I discovered the one kid had not been smoking a cigarette as I mistakenly thought; instead he was eating an apple! And the ‘smoke’ I thought I saw was actually breathe steam one would expect to see on a frosty morning. My faith in sensibilities was restored.

    Little did I know however, but not far away in that Idaho city, there was another young person who had been smoking much marijuana throughout his youth. Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was in the news because he had been arrested for firing an assault rifle at the White House in an apparent attempt to assassinate the President. Fortunately no one was injured.

    Ortega-Hernandez confessed, was sorry, deemed deranged, and so forth, yet was still handed down a 25 year prison sentence regardless. Catch this: The reason he claimed he fired at the White House to assassinate the President, was because (to paraphrase): “our government oppressed the people with the continued criminalization of marijuana”.

    Imagine an assassination attempt specifically over marijuana! Though many of our assassins or would-be assassins were pot heads, this is the first time a sitting president’s life was threatened solely due to marijuana! This is amazing, and yet there is no national outcry?

    So back to the story. The kids I saw in Idaho were the types who could ‘grow up’ to be president some day. On the other hand a few blocks away, we sadly have a new kind of American kid, one abusing marijuana, who grows up to assassinate a president.

    It’s our choice, and it appears more and more so this will become the new face of a marijuana complacent America.

  7. As many surely noticed, a marijuana plant adorned the cover of a recent issue of National Geographic magazine. The well-done article inside was science oriented and covered a popular topic today. Yet, as much as I respect that magazine, I was deeply offended by its effrontery.

    Why? Because National Geographic is highly respected throughout the world, yet this cover gives all the impression of being yet another attempt by the marijuana lobby to infiltrate our society with marijuana acceptance propaganda. Of course popular topics sell, the money flow keeps the wheels churning, etc., but how can they throw their highly esteemed standards out the window? An accident? Their editors are sophisticated and know what they are doing.

    Imagine children seeing the marijuana plant on the cover of National Geographic magazine among the other respected educational materials in school classrooms and libraries all over the world. The mere presence of this imagery in its various venues reinforces a trend toward acceptance, and can only enhance the wonder and eventual lure for marijuana at all ages.

    How many of those children will then start experimenting with marijuana, and risk permanent cognitive impairment, (i.e. lower IQ), lower motivation and drive, mental health issues such as schizophrenia, or addiction problems that will haunt them for the rest of their lives? It really is disgusting.

    This cover fits a predictable pattern we are seeing constantly in the media today. Certain elements of the media with a pro marijuana agenda will seize upon any possible opportunity. Even the dissemination of mere imagery is designed to inure and familiarize all Americans with marijuana, so as to pave the way for national marijuana legalization, liberalization and acceptance.

    Could National Geographic have stooped that low? Please tell me “No!”.

  8. So Colorado has its two worst, horrendous mass murders, Columbine and Aurora, within a span of a bit over a decade. All three perpetrators had a history of marijuana abuse since adolescence- the period scientifically proven when marijuana has its most adverse affects on a developing brain.

    Nevertheless, the State of Colorado votes to legalize marijuana anyway. Then the Holmes trial begins.

    So of course it makes sense to avoid the touchy subject of marijuana at the trial.

    It’s the equivalent of confessing: “We Coloradans just had the two worst heinous crimes in our State history- possibly as a result of mind altering, psychoactive marijuana. Yet we decided to legalize marijuana anyway and probably did just about the stupidest thing in the history of the world. And not only that, we love marijuana so much, we even celebrate it on 4/20, the same day as our Columbine massacre which also occurred on April 20th, and the same day as Adolf Hitler’s birthday!”

  9. Typo correction from above. Illegal outdoor marijuana growing operations are not consuming just a billion gallons of water a year, but an estimated upwards of a HUNDRED BILLION gallons of water per year.

    But, please don’t quote this number until more verification comes forth. This is an estimate I gathered from satellite imagery studies that claimed to have counted about 125 million outdoor marijuana plants currently in California. Since each plant consumes about 900 gallons of water in its growing cycle, doing the math equates to over a hundred billion gallons of water used per year.

    But still, further confirmation needs to come about to confirm this number is not an exaggeration.

  10. To answer one of the questions posted above, how to keep kids off drugs, including marijuana. Good question! The challenge is monumental now and worsening. My answer might not be any more effective than putting a finger into the hole of a bursting dam.

    Of course, instilling values begins at home, and at an early age is crucial. I’ve been all through this myself over the last twenty plus years, and happily with success.

    But even with my own child, of whom I have more confidence than anyone else in the world, there are still no certainties. The pressures outside abound. The culture, the rock music culture, parents, doctors, politicians, media site, etc, with so many touting the so-called harmlessness of marijuana, or unproven so-called “medical benefits”, etc., are huge challenges we face.

    Nonetheless, I am confident my child will proceed onward into adulthood just fine, unswayed by our culture or peer pressure. But that process took a devoted soon to be 21 years now, and only within my own family. I see kids all over, kids with uncaring parents who ARE favorable toward marijuana abuse, or at least favorable to the culture that promotes marijuana abuse.

    I am personally seeing so many drastic changes in our country, it’s scary! I mean in just the last couple of years. A friend who kind of dropped out of my sphere came by once and mentioned how he got into the world of marijuana, calling it the soft drug. Another young person came by our house to estimate some work costs, just got talking how he was pleased marijuana was more accepted, but he didn’t care to take another job in Houston where many of the workers he would encounter were using meth. Another upper middle aged man, just in casual conversation, mentioned how he was overwhelmed with his enlightenment from marijuana. The list goes on.

    You get the point. Our culture is swaying heavily favorable toward the acceptance of marijuana in just about every avenue you can imagine. The lies and propaganda abound, plus we have a mounting surge of millions who truly are addicted, as well as millions more whose minds are re-wired favorably, (not necessarily addicted) for marijuana. They dominate our media, our academia, our professional fields, etc.

    If anyone comes along and points out how say, the Boston Marathon bombers were heavy abusers of cannabis, and how perhaps there is a drug connection that induced a mental derangement that lead to that act of terror, that person is chastised by peers, roundly condemned by myriads more, and perhaps threatened. We can not even discuss the possibility!

    So yeah, the challenge to keep kids away from drugs is enormous. Try your best at home to instill values, and understanding of the negative cultural trends occurring now, and stay with the child’s total mental development to adulthood and beyond. Assess and evaluate the child’s friends, the school, the environment, etc, and make sure negative influences are avoided.

    Cultural de-popularization is the ONLY answer in my opinion. We did it with alcohol and cigarettes effectively in the last few decades, we could do this with marijuana as well.

    For starters, society needs to understand that there may very well be a connection between marijuana abuse and so many of these senseless murders and attacks. Then kids need to know that about one in six adolescents who do indulge in regular marijuana abuse do become addicted. So we need to show the horrors of addiction, and how lives can be ruined. One in six truly is the game of Russian roulette. And who knows what cancer risks there are, probably equal if not greater than smoking cigarettes. Or the highway fatalities from driving while high. Or how a marijuana plant that produces a pound of pot consumes some 900 gallons of water in production. How that translates to perhaps to upwards of a billion gallons of water per year consumption in drought-stricken California, for instance. How our drug culture, mostly driven by marijuana, has caused a virtual holocaust in Mexico, yet the pot lovers DO NOT CARE! Crimes against humanity and they shamefully turn their heads. Getting high from marijuana (and other drugs) is far more important than the tortures and deaths of a hundred thousand Mexicans to date.

    And then the question of keeping OTHER parents’ children off drugs. Almost hopeless, but it would require a complete cultural transformation. Of course, lead by example, instill whatever values you can into those kids, etc. But like I said, such efforts may only be as effective as sticking your little finger into the crack of the bursting dam.

    Sad to say, this whole marijuana movement is becoming the American tragedy.

  11. Re-reading my post two above, I think the reader may be perplexed by words “marijuana fuses into the brain certain ideas”.

    I got this idea from reading studies done on mice, but with another drug, cocaine, which had immediate effects. The changes were startling actually.

    The mouse brain quickly learned to love cocaine, and an addiction process began immediately. The brains of the mice developed neural structures that told them to love cocaine, and also, this is important, to behave and seek action so as to have more access to cocaine.

    That is the mice followed little labyrinth routes that took them to the cocaine, despite the fact that real food was available on another path. They chose the destructive route. Their brains’ wiring commanded their behavior.

    There may be similar studies with marijuana but I have not seen them. But the point and the concept are much the same: the drug influences the brain with neural structures so the mind ‘learns’ a behavior to perform.

    If the minds of the mice behave as dictated by those neural structures, then I think a similar process can occur in humans. That is people use drugs, and their brains also develop neural structures favorable to seeking more of the drug. Then their minds prompt certain behavior- whether to seek new drugs, or behave in manners ‘learned’ while using cannabis.

    The Islamic terrorists, (and our ‘inadvertent’ cannabis influenced ‘terrorists’), may be infusing radical ideology as those neural structures of the brain develop. So not only is the brain learning to love and pursue more of the psychoactive drug, the mind is also associating, “fusing”, radical ideas and thoughts.

    So just as easily as the mind is prompted to seek more drugs, the minds of the terrorist are equally prompted to seek revenge against whatever their warp brains ‘learned’ while re-wiring under the influence of drugs.

  12. Some off-the-cuff thoughts about Amanda Knox- perhaps mistaken, but my impression:

    I see her originally as the stereotypical young, sweet and innocent American girl living in a make-believe world, who finally ventures out far away from home and discovers the real world abroad.

    The story I heard was she was out to smoke pot and have sex while in Italy. Anybody who naively jumps into the world of drugs, especially in a foreign land with completely different laws and norms, and unpredictable behavior from all sorts of characters, is bound to get into trouble.

    I don’t think she was the murderer, or an accomplice, and her odd remarks may have been from the shock of the circumstances, the realization she was now in potentially big trouble in a foreign land that presumes guilt, while she was on drugs and still under the influence. But I do think she was in a circle of acquaintances, one of whom did commit the murder.

    And this murder may very well have been intricately related to mind-altering marijuana abuse.

  13. Not being a doctor or any kind of accredited ‘expert’, let me suggest a layman’s hypothesis for what it’s worth.

    Assuming there is a causal link between marijuana abuse (esp. in young, developing minds) and subsequent violence, and this all not simply mere coincidence or chance, it might be worthy to first investigate the processes of radicalization in the Middle East.

    Despite our mainstream media’s avoidance of this simple observation, anybody can readily search and find that apparently ALL the terrorist groups are heavily involved with drugs- before and during radicalization, and later while committing acts of terror. Seemingly very ‘un-Islamic’ behavior, but it does exist.

    Though many modern drugs are also involved, and surely any of them are likely to alter brains, let’s focus on the mainstay drug, hashish, the concentrated form of cannabis, the ‘cousin’ of marijuana.

    MRI studies observe a couple of things, it appears. The brains of cannabis users are often smaller in areas that harbor basic decision making and feelings, such as empathy for life, or inhibition. Interesting!

    And it appears, the brain adjusts to regular use of cannabis by building up a complex network of neural structures. Also interesting.

    So how about this: The regular indulger of cannabis, whether marijuana or hashish, at some point, with enough abuse, depletes the brain of emotions and empathy for life. Life becomes meaningless. Factors that may influence who is affected, or the rate this condition occurs may include the potency, amounts and frequency of the cannabis used, as well as inherent predispositions of the abuser, such as age, mental health or genetics, physical well-being (like nutrition and nourishment) or environmental (such as what kind of anger and hate, ideology, etc. that exist nearby.)

    So it’s possible the radicalization process already attracts the more vulnerable, then via a kind of association with hashish abuse and radicalization, the brain’s neurons re-wire accordingly. That is, their brains’ neural networks are restructuring via association with radical ideological bombardment, they are ‘learning’ to love cannabis, love Islam, hate Israel and hate the West. They are the modern day ‘hashish assassins’ of legend from hundreds of years ago. They do not care about life, they are ideologically driven in conjunction with hashish abuse, and their targets are at whatever threatens their warped views. (At the molecular level, their brains may be telling them to protect their access to cannabis.) They are essentially programmed killers.

    Now, hopefully at this point the reader is not thinking “Wow- a real whacko!” So follow me a bit further with this angle, please.

    The West is really in its infancy with widespread drug abuse in the mainstream, what some fifty years now. (I think a good benchmark might be when Bob Dylan introduced the Beatles to marijuana in I think August of 1964.)

    Obviously marijuana does not make all users into violent, ‘Reefer Madness’ style killers! Otherwise, places like California for instance would have been wiped off the map years ago!

    But note how the pot edibles in Colorado have transformed a few into instant killing maniacs. Marijuana does have this power, and it could be that over the last some 900 years, certain elements of radical Islam adherents where able to ‘harness’ this power.

    So much of the madness we are now seeing in the West, may be the workings of ‘inadvertent hashish- assassins’. Most use marijuana in mild forms, infrequently or are not so vulnerable. This may be what’s fooling millions into thinking marijuana is totally harmless.

    But perhaps a minority of abusers are very vulnerable to the affects, they may be inadvertently subjecting themselves into the right environments so they too become ‘terrorists’, a kind of ‘radicalization’, though we always find a motive or whatever, and call it something else.

    So a Dylann Roof for instance, may be subjecting himself to a kind of ‘radical’ racist ideology which may never have resulted in violent acts. Yet he also indulged in frequent marijuana abuse, and combined with the racist anger brewing in him and his environment, he may have fused in his brain a cause to pursue violent acts, while depleting his brain of empathy and inhibition- just like the Islamic terrorists. Marijuana rewired his brain with neural structures that told him to hate and express that hatred through violent acts.

    Ishmaeil Brinzely (Sp?) apparently had a history of marijuana abuse also, and nay have simultaneously fused into his brain anger toward police and rage to what he thought was ‘police brutality’ before he expressed that hate by killing to NYPD cops and then himself.

    McVeigh may have followed this route too. He smoked massive amounts of marijuana, fused in his brain hate and anger toward our government, and expressed that by bombing the OKC building.

    Same may apply to Loughner, Abduleeza (Sp?), Thomas Gilbert, Jr., and many others, Holmes may have deranged his brain with marijuana in conjunction with violent video games or whatever, considered himself the Joker, and in his deranged world carried out his delusions. There may be thousands, even tens of thousands, each with some unique variation of this process.

    This might explain why the masses of marijuana abusers are not violent, and this may be what is fooling us. They used milder varieties, they weren’t predisposed and they were not subjected to adverse ideological or violent prone environments, Their brains simply learn to love marijuana, or music or whatever, mostly benign.

    But a much smaller subset are vulnerable and subsequently violent. Marijuana is tricky as the devil. I think it holds its own among what we consider the more dangerous drugs. Its outward appearance seems innocuous to most, yet big changes may be occurring in the brain. We should respect its power and be wary of current trends as the science develops.

    It could be variations of the above concepts exist, or maybe simply pot depletes or warps the brain of all its inhibition, so some abusers simply don’t restrain their violent impulses. Who knows, but it seems like a lot of big red arrows do point right at marijuana as being at the core of the madness.

    Verdict? Am I totally askew, or onto something?

  14. I think one of the most important observations we can make is the extent to which cannabis seems to be associated with vicious, heinous and senseless crime all over the world.

    So without making any inferences, or commenting on the ‘whys’ or ‘hows’, let me simply share some of the names or groups of notorious criminals who used marijuana (or hashish). Ones I have found on my own, which may or may not be within the record base here. If it helps our understanding, so much the better.

    So, a list: All the Islamic terrorist groups are using drugs massively, especially hashish and marijuana. All the suicide attackers in Afghanistan that our troops encounter are using hashish. All the Palestinian suicide bombers use hashish. The train bombing in Spain by Moroccans, was all about hashish.
    The vicious Mexican drug cartels are very likely using marijuana regularly (at least judged by some reports), the vicious drug gangs in the US, as revealed by drug tests after arrests for violent crimes, very likely entire population of criminals in prison for violent crimes.
    And some individual names: OJ Simpson, Aaron Hernandez (the NFL star- assuming I got his name right?), Megan Huntsman the baby killer, Jared and Amanda Miller, the cop killers, Ismael Brinzely, the NYC cop killers, Ortega-Hernandez, attempt to assassinate Pres.Obama, Squeaky Fromme, Sarah Jane Moore, Bernadine Dohrn and Tom Hayden (something about potheads and bombs), Ted Bundy, most likely John Hinckley Jr, John Chapman who shot John Lennon, George Hennard who shot up a Luby’s Cafeteria, the Tsarnaevs, Tim McVeigh, Michael Fortier, Jihad John, Shilad Sharrouf (sp?), James Holmes, Klebod and Harris (found in social media from their Columbine acquaintances), Dylann Roof, Charles Manson, Brevik (very likely), Eric Rudolph (the Olympic bomber), the Islamic Paris attackers, the Ottawa attackers, the beheader in OKC, Jeffrey Dammer, etc.
    At least these are ones I have off the top of my head. Search and find zillions more, crimes everywhere, every single day, Hard to keep track of them all,
    It’s very possible too Sirhan Sirhan could be on this list since he did mention hashish (and it was said he was like on some kind of mission), and remotely possible Lee Harvey Oswald since he did express an interest in Aldous Huxley and the world of drugs. Perhaps Al Capone too, we will likely never know.

  15. This post is mainly a “Thanks” to the Editors and to the sincere efforts of concerned citizens who spent the time and effort in the creation of this website!

    Admirably, the tenor here is not hyperbole. Many of us sense something is askew and do have real concerns about how the rising popularity of marijuana will affect the well-being of our nation.

    A heartfelt “Wow!” from me.

  16. I have talked my self blue in the face to my son and grand sons and anyone who would listen. I have seen the damage done by Pot over the last sixty year.
    I appreciate to information you have gathered. It was very informative. However, I don’t know how to keep young people from experimenting.
    Thanks again

  17. And of course, we must all recall the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995. McVeigh and Fortier were said to have smoked massive amounts of marijuana in the months and years prior to the bombing which killed 168 people, Recall the dying baby in the fireman’s arms. So horrible and so tragic. When they were doing all that dope, were they simultaneously conditioning their minds with anti-government hate?The million dollar question is was this the result of marijuana working on the brain of an ideological zealot?

  18. Looking at a few of the replies above, it is apparent some are not grasping the full gamut of possibilities, namely that in addition to pot affecting mood and behavior during acute intoxication, ie being high, marijuana also has the potential to alter the brain indefinitely, even when abusers may seem “clean and off drugs.”
    So detractors to the argument will say or think as long as users are ‘sober’, there is no harm. But the theory is that permanent, negative changes take place, of which the worst of them, engenders homicidal tendencies.
    There are a zillion more names you could add to that list, by the way. As a matter of enlightenment, I encourage anyone to find a name of any violent criminal in the news, and simply google search a connection to marijuana and other drugs, arrest records, anecdotes from acquaintances, etc. The connection is astonishing. Not long ago, I thought I would research that crazy person who crashed his car into a Luby’s cafeteria, I think in 1989 or so, Sure enough, he too was a major druggie whose life revolved around marijuana. Or more recently, a bomb plot on a mall in Denver that was aborted,was to occur on 4/20, like Columbine (more druggies). Just look this up and compile your own list, One name leads to another, it’s like a giant tangled web of violent criminals of which it appears something like 90% are dopers.
    Plus, regarding Adam Lanza, toxicology reports did come back negative for any drugs, including marijuana- correct. But remnants of pot in the body have short duration, so maybe past abuse was not detected, Research a bit and find pot is often administered for autism, and is also popularly used recreationally in that area of CT.
    It’s possible that his mother Nancy, thinking outside the box, decided marijuana could be an alternative medicine for Adam, We just don;t know, and we do not have access to all the information, This case could go either way, so we can’t categorically dismiss a possible connection either. We just don’t know,

    1. We doubt that Adam Lanza ever used marijuana. Nancy Lanza took him to specialists at Yale and she refused the psych meds, so it seems, although someone at Yale has come out and said that he could have been helped with the psych meds. It’s unlikely that Seung-Hui Cho ever used marijuana. Like Lanza, he never had any friends who would have put him in social situations to get the pot. Note that Cho and Lanza were this nation’s most successful mass murderers, maybe because their brains had never been on marijuana. They were more successful in that they killed more people. They were capable of intricate planning: Lanza shot his mother first before going to the school, and his brother’s identification on him; Cho shot 2-3 people in the dormitory so that campus police would be distracted.These young men also didn’t need co-conspirators or group mentality of radicalization to lead them on, as Dylann Roof (another young marijuana user) did. Roof may not have had associates but he found an ideological support on the Internet. With Lanza, there was probably a nutrition angle that made his condition worse, as he was possibly vegan. This bulging eyes would hint at a thyroid condition. Lanza and Cho also show the difficulty of forcing people to go to community health centers and get psychiatric help. It probably can’t be done.

      Another hint that marijuana leads to violence is the growth in child abduction, often mixed with rape and then killing. In the United States, these problems were relatively rare before the 1970s when marijuana became widespread. Now the father of Philip Garrido who kidnapped Jaycee Dugard and kept her for 18 years said that marijuana and LSD changed his son and made him do horrible things. It will be interesting to find out if Russel Houser had a marijuana history, or if the boys who murdered their family in Oklahoma had used it.

  19. Wow, is this website SO blatantly OUT OF INFORMATION that it posts flat out lies? The man eating face was from SPICE, which we have IDIOTS like YOU to thank for, since spice is a dangerous alternative to cannabis!

    Lying SKUM!

  20. This page really loves it’s satire. To even claim Rudy Eugene was high on marijuana & marijuana only when he ate that man’s face instead of the drug known as bath salts is not only a flat out lie but irresponsible. So a lot of killer smoke, and? I bet each one drinks as well & let’s not even begin to list full toxicology reports because I bet you find a laundry list of pharmaceuticals.

    Lastly if you’re going to make a site where anyone can comment, what point is there blocking people from commenting on social media? STOP IT WITH THE PROPAGANDA ALREADY. YOU’RE JUST SLOWING DOWN THE INEVITABLE.

  21. This story has nothing to do with marijuana. The kid was depressed and angry. Just because he smoked days before the incident, does not mean he was still “high” or under the effects of marijuana. Please.

    1. You are not addressing the point we were making. He was a popular kid with a lot of friends. Lots of marijuana use can change the brain of young people — twists the conscience. Most guys who experience a break up don’t feel the need to kill their friends. That is what is so different about him. We find so many murderers use marijuana. Look at Robert Durst.

  22. We now have confirmation from checking the tweets of Jaylen Fryberg that he did marijuana and he was tweeting about it.

    Legalization means that age of use is way to young and he and other teens are obviously to young to manage it. Something is happening as their brains are developing and they use it. It’s a shame for all of us.

  23. Not sure I agree that marijuana alone would be responsible for these kinds of behaviors. SSRI’s have been traced in quite a few cases. I work with Pharmacists. A 30 Pharmacist told me that a list of the side effects of the more prescribed SSRI’s include suicide and homicide.

    I am wondering if this student was on any prescription meds? If so, what? Be curious about that.

    Of course, gun control advocates are playing up this students gun ownership and penchant for hunting, but like Larry the Cable Guy puts it, “If guns kill people, I’m gonna blame my pencil for all them spelling errors.”

    That said, marijuana is not as innocuous as claimed and despite the claims of many supporters serves as a bridge for too many users to “harder” drugs. it has definite impact in the limbic system which is a center for learning, memory and an emotional center as well. Young minds certainly don’t need to throw this drug into the mix as they develop responses to real life and other people from their immature state of relationship development.

    IMHO, other contributing factors to youth violence is the rampant, regular and upscaled images of violence in entertainment and the media as well as the suppression of the Christian God in schools and the media which includes the moral limits that comes along with this perspective.

    In its place is a Godless secular humanism (Marxist based) whereby the individual becomes the judge and jury, a foolish position with man’s flaws and historical record IMHO.

    Drug use alone is not enough but most certainly does not help. As a former user of many types of drugs including marijuana and a former drug counselor with an MEd specializing in counseling I can speak with some authority on the issue btw. Thankfully, however, I am no longer a counselor.

    1. It wouldn’t be consistent with his life story to be on SSRIs. He was not depressed. Please read our website “Medical Marijuana Risks” for our analysis of pharmaceuticals. When looking at all the people, more consistent than using pharmaceuticals is the fact that these people used marijuana.

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