Violence, Anger, Explosions: Children in Danger

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(Part two of Marijuana and Child Neglect/Abuse. Last week we published an article about neglect; this week we cover violence, anger and explosions.)   A 15-year old boy living in fear of his violent father was afraid to go home and confided in a friend’s family.  The friend’s mom told police, who went to investigate the child abuse. They found out more, accidentally discovering an illegal, indoor marijuana grow.  Yet marijuana activists tell us they are calm and non-violent.

Butane hash oil explosions are another way children surrounded by marijuana face grave danger.  In Medford, Oregon, a 12-year old girl suffered many broken bones when she had to jump from the 2nd floor of the apartment building to escape the flames.

After three children died in Colorado because of parental neglect while parents smoked pot followed by a string of hash oil explosions with children at home, it should have been easy to pass child protection laws in Colorado.  On April 27, 2014, an 8-month old baby had be rescued from the 2nd floor of a burning townhouse in Littleton, after a father and his girlfriend sparked a fire by burning hash oil.   The neighbor whose adjoining townhouse was damaged rescued their 4-year old.  Just 10 days earlier, on the 17th of April, a couple in Colorado Springs endangered their 3 children, the oldest a 7-year old, using fire to make dabs from hash oil.

Since the Alliance for Drug Endangered Children began in the 1990s, there are fewer meth lab explosions.  Instead, the promotion and legalization of marijuana has created one of its most dangerous by-products: hash oil explosions fueled by butane gas.   In short, it’s called BHO.

Hash Oil Explosions

As of early May, Colorado had experienced 31 hash oil explosions in 2014, 10 of them involving serious burns.  The  Colorado Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (CoDEC) has been taking steps protect children from the drug-using parents, but two child-protection bills failed to pass.

On April 1, 2014, state Senators Linda Newell and Andy Kerr introduced two Senate bills to strengthen protections for children whose parents’ drug usage, manufacture or cultivation put them in danger.   Unfortunately, an associate of the Drug Policy Alliance had written a letter to the Denver Post implying it was unfair to marijuana users.

The bills HB 177 and 178 were voted down at the beginning of May. The outcome was undermined by interests of the marijuana industry, marijuana users and politics.   When the city of Denver met September 16 to restrict unqualified individuals from making hash oil — the marijuana activists again objected.

After Failure to Pass Child Protection Bills

In mid-May, a Manitou Springs, Colorado, couple cooled the hash oil in the refrigerator.   The refrigerator door blew off and landed on the woman’s three-year old child.  Multiple charges of arson and child endangerment have been leveled against each of the parents in Colorado who put the lives of their children in danger.  They are indeed lucky that none of the children burned or died in the fires.

Making hash oil at home is perfectly legal in Colorado.   However, the state of Colorado should be blamed for putting the marijuana users’ freedom and the “good name” or reputation of marijuana ahead of the children.  The evidence is that the legalization of marijuana has put more children in harm’s way.

 Huge Problem in Other States, in West

Hash oil explosions are frequent in other states, too, particularly on the west coast.  On August 25, a man living in Santa Rosa, California, had an explosion and burned badly.  While he did not have children, the family next door with 5 children were put in the line of danger. Today, the LA Times reports of 20 hash oil explosions within the last year in San Diego County, California.  One of the 4 groups currently under investigation involved a child put in danger, and the offending party has been charged with child endangerment.

A recent hash oil explosion in San Diego
A recent hash oil explosion in San Diego

In May, the Oregonian reported that nine major hash oil blasts had occurred in Oregon since 2011, four of them in homes or hotel rooms where children, including a newborn, were present. In one case, a 12-year-old girl suffered multiple broken bones after leaping from the second floor of an apartment building rocked by a butane hash oil (BHO) explosion.

Last year a 10-day old and one-year old baby and two women suffered injuries from a hash oil explosion in Forest Grove, Oregon, the site of another extensive fire from making hash oil in January, 2014.    Two months ago, on July 22,  it was announced that the District Attorney in Seattle filed charges against seven who caused explosions in the state of Washington.

Anger Management

Marijuana users like to claim they don’t get mad and violent, like the cocaine addicts and some alcoholics routinely do.  If their marijuana usage leads to explosions, selfishness, abandonment, or narcissistic rage and anger, they fall into the same violent category as other substance abusers.

A case of violent child abuse erupted in Tampa, Florida in June. Christopher Finlayson, who babysat an 11-month old girl, tried to amuse her by tossing the child into the air.  He tripped and dropped the child face-first onto the floor. When the child continued to cry, Finlayson went into a moment of rage and he “lost it.” The baby was totally unresponsive when the mother returned home.  She took her to the hospital and authorities were called. The man admitted he had smoked a “blunt and a half” of marijuana the previous day and was unable to sleep the night before the incident.

Just a few days ago when police in Nevada went to investigate a case a suspected child abuse, they discovered a fetus in the freezer, with a gun and marijuana in the bassinet. This year authorities in Utah discovered that Megan Huntsman, heavy marijuana user, had buried 6 of her children over several years.

In July, four adults in south Modesto, California, pleaded no contest to severely beating a 7-week old girl. The child had several broken ribs, a lacerated liver and spleen and swelling on her brain. When authorities investigated the home 3 were used for growing marijuana for sale. They parents were charged with two counts of child cruelty, illegally growing with intent for sale, stealing electricity and damaging power lines.

According to a recent article “chronic [marijuana] users exhibit blunted emotional reaction to threat stimuli, which may also decrease the likelihood of aggressive behavior.”  This study is one of many articles  or studies using data while trying to promote marijuana usage.  The study didn’t show what happens when one partner does marijuana while the other does not, sometimes a problem in abusive marriages.   It also did not track child abuse.

From the website, Marijuana Makes You Violent
From the website, Marijuana Makes You Violent

Why is marijuana likely to make some people violent, if using can cause a “blunted emotional reaction to threat?”  The nature of a psychologically addictive substance is that a person needs it to feel ok and to feel normal.   Take it away and there can be panic which results in anger.  Leah Allen tells the story of how her cool, chronically high father abused her mother.  Furthermore, disagreeing with the marijuana bloggers gets them so riled and angry.

What About DEA mistakes?

The tragedies of children lost to parents’ marijuana usage, and other drug usage, are larger than the widely-publicized mistakes made by the Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA.  No teacher, parent, police agency, politician or worker of any sort is free from making mistakes.  This summer a story spread about a failed raid which resulted in a grenade hitting a 20-month old child.  It’s regretful that there was an injustice suffered by this child for that mistake.  However,  this baby and his parents will have their justice with law.   There will be no justice for the marijuana – endangered children, as long as the marijuana community holds all the cards.

It’s a tragedy that because “Drug Wars Don’t Work,” Americans have legitimized a very dangerous drug.  It’s a tragedy that the current anti-government trend spreading in American political circles also leads to more chaos and more abused children.

Based on the fire, anger, rage and explosions, we cannot continue this marijuana experiment if we are to have a saner, safer society.

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17 thoughts on “Violence, Anger, Explosions: Children in Danger”

  1. They are almost right.. I have three kids and my boyfriend is a pot smoker, so am I, and at first I began to buy it for him, like gifts in exchange for “better” affection, eventually I bought any amount to keep him, us happy. When cash got low and life stood in front of the pot, things got “dry” so to speak, then he would often accuse me of infidelity and dishonesty.. Which goes without saying that we fought, a lot, hard, often… Before payday, before bill day… He would break me, I’d give in, we smoked, THEN he begged, cried and apologized… For 4 years… & 3 kids later… I felt pity for him, his lack of education led to anger when he was confused or depressed.. I had two jobs, half a Nursing edu. and a broken heart.. But I lived, some women are crushed under the hope that is only him high… He begins to see and believe in the chain reaction of his tantrums and your will to please him.. I really figured my love could be some sort of counseling, that got old fast and it wasn’t paying.. I was. It seems to be a male thing with all the rage.. I admit to imagining having to defend myself but it never ended with him alive, I realized I was more threatening to him mentally than he was physically, and he only got physical if I didn’t entertain his fit, mostly because we couldn’t make money fast as we could smoke it… He began to buy it to impress me too when he got jobs, but his tantrums would interfere with all that, he lost jobs trying to callout or trying to pop up to see if I had been cheating on a normal basis… If I began to work too much he would try to keep me home, black my eye, bust my lip. In claims I was being disrespectful or that I was smothering him because I was guilty… I guess I just got disconnected, worn out from explaining.. I fell out of love. I really just walked out and didnt look back. A kindergartener, a 3yr old and a 20mo. old are alot more exciting to look forward to.. Im still pretty much positive about myself image and never went suicidal or hurt my babies.. Hope this helps.

  2. It’s so gratifying to see what a poorly funded and shoddily run effort this site is. It really emboldens me as both a regular cannabis user and a staunch advocate for its further decriminalization. That you’ve been reduced to cherry picking absurd news articles and spinning them like a top while banging the “what about he children” drum like it owes you money fills me with joy. Your pitiful little crusade is failing and will continue to fail. Society is evolving and leaving people like you in the dustbin of history. I’m going to take a big celebratory dab and kiss my kids now. Enjoy the fall.

  3. Cars kill more kids then pot….we have to make cars illegal to because people drink and drive! The person who wrote this is probably rioting their hometown because a verdict didn’t go how they think it should have……losers go do something constructive.

  4. Hahaha your a close minded individual. people were afraid to bring electricity into the house as well. Now the government may take your children if u don’t have electricity. understand the paradox I’m trying to say? what was not normal yesterday is normal today. Good thing your the minority in the medical marijuana movement. Do yourself a favor, spend half the amount of time you took looking up the most devastating cases, and look up the positive medical benefits. The life changing ability it has an individual lives.

  5. Oils are illegal it’s actually considered a concentrate. Might wanna look into it. Also, I agree with David this is propaganda at its worst. these articles and information are from ill informed individuals with very little to do on their hands. medical marijuana is and should continue to be a right of Americans… a right of the human race.

    1. As you would say, it’s a right to put the children and others in danger. We disagree. These are made in states where marijuana is legal. In California, it’s not legal to make, but it is available to buy.

  6. This propaganda is outrageous! You don’t even take the time to use proper English or proof read your articles before publishing! How am I supposed to beleive that any of this nonsense is real? I have been around literally hundreds of marijauna users in my life and have never experienced matijuana induced rage. This claim that THC somehow causes users to become violent is false and idiotic! Also I have never seen a user so enraged from not having used that it caused them to become violent. Please represent the facts accurately! These stories are flat out unbelievable and moronic. The only people likely to beleive this garbage have to extremely unintelligent!

    1. “beleive” should be “believe”

      “beleive” should be “believe”

      last line: last line should be : “have to be…..”

    2. We did not make up these stories. They came from newspaper accounts. Children should not be put in danger of BHO explosions, and it speaks to the level of addiction some users have.

    3. I am not against marijuana and do believe in legalization and also using the oil for various diseases.

      However, I have witnessed two very close people to be in rage if thay don’t have it. It doesn’t mean marijuana is responsible for it, but it increases their anger. So in some cases it does have that effect!

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