Marijuana Vs. Alcohol

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The marijuana lobbyists want to “mainstream” marijuana and call for its regulation to be like alcohol.  Let’s make it equal to alcohol, they say.   Why are they asking for addiction equality?

When they compare its illegal status to alcohol, they don’t mention that Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935, the year after a 13-year Prohibition era ended.  When the marijuana community decries the nationwide prohibition of marijuana in 1937, they forget to mention that it happened much earlier, state-by-state, 1911 in MA, 1913 in CA, 1914 in NY, etc.

These same marijuana lobbyists keep suggesting that people who drink too much booze or take pain pills should switch to marijuana.   As much as addiction is hard to overcome, the suggestion of substituting one addiction or bad habit for another can just get you back to square one.

Why are we making a second vice, pot, totally legit for those 21 and over while keeping it illegal for those under 21? The minimum age for alcohol purchase is 21, yet the US already has a problem with underage drinking. Why duplicate this problem with marijuana?

The only obvious reason is that there is a business and a marijuana industry that wants to make profits.  Like with alcohol and tobacco, 80% of those profits will come from those who are addicted or over-indulgent.  The growing industry wants and needs to get young users to keep a steady stream of buyers; the younger they start, the greater likelihood of getting hooked.

An experiment with lowering the beer and wine age to 18 in much of the US in the 1970s did not work.  The national law needed to be changed back to age 21.  Elsewhere teens do not go to the extremes that are common to American culture.  We simply are not a modest or temperate culture, like the Netherlands.

The sales pitch of the marijuana lobby:

“Wouldn’t you rather have your teenage son driving stoned, rather than drunk?”  Both practices are very dangerous, and even more dangerous when stoned and drunk at the same time.

“I support legalization so marijuana can be on equal footing with alcohol.”   Pot users don’t have addiction equality yet, but statistics and studies show that 9% of marijuana users will be come addicted (approximately same rate as drinkers) and that rate jumps to 17% if they begin before age 17.

“No one has ever died from marijuana.”  The advocates claimed in the campaign for legalization in Colorado and Washington.  There have since been 2 deaths in Colorado this year directly attributed edible marijuana and many child-abuse deaths caused by the parents’ usage of marijuana.

Simplistic soundbites don’t tell the whole story.   Marijuana is not safer than alcohol, but it is used less frequently by Americans than pot.   Leah Allen’s account of growing up with a marijuana-addicted father is similar to what it would be like having a chronic alcoholic dad: negligent, irresponsible, violent to the mom and prone to anger when he could not have it.

Pot users could be 7% of adult Americans, vs. at about 66% who drink.  They’re asking us to change a law for the 7%, and Parents Opposed to Pot disagrees.  More people die from alcohol because it is and has been a larger part in society.

We’re better at recognizing who might be  susceptible to alcoholism.  We have little idea who is most at risk for mental illness and other negative effects from marijuana.   Certain teens haven’t thought about it, either.  Tobacco cannot affect brain function, memory and mental health the same way marijuana can.

The risk for mental illness caused by marijuana alone is too great not to be noticed.


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17 thoughts on “Marijuana Vs. Alcohol”

  1. What makes you think that 17% of kids who use marijuana become “addicted”? How do you define a marijuana addiction? What addictive qualities does THC have? Do you know what an actual addiction is? You sound crazy

    1. Love the way this person makes assumptions……………..and that he knows about us. The post isn’t about death.

  2. Cannabis does not has never been shown to cause any sort of mental illness.

    As for the rest of your article, it is filled with incorrect information and really seems to just be your opinion.

    1. Where do you get your information? Please check out these articles:
      Clarke MC, Coughlan H, Harley M, Connor D, Power E, Lynch F, Fitzpatrick C, Cannon M. The impact of adolescent cannabis use, mood disorder and lack of education on attempted suicide in young adulthood. World Psychiatry. 2014;13(3):322-3.
      “adolescent cannabis use ……. increased the odds of a suicide attempt 7-fold”

      Arendt M, Munk-Jørgensen P, Sher L, Jensen SO. Mortality following treatment for cannabis use disorders: predictors and causes. J Subst Abuse Treat. 2013;44(4):400-6.
      “Suicide occurred five times as frequently during follow-up in our sample compared with individuals from the general population.”

      Kvitland LR, Melle I, Aminoff SR, Lagerberg TV, Andreassen OA, Ringen PA. Cannabis use in first- treatment bipolar I disorder: relations to clinical characteristics. Early Interv Psychiatry. 2014 Apr 17. doi: 10.1111/eip.12138. [Epub ahead of print]
      “After controlling for possible confounders of the relationship between age at onset and recent use), we found that recent use contributed significantly to age at onset of first manic episode, age at onset of first psychotic episode and to age at onset of first depressive episode…… We found an even stronger association between lifetime suicide attempts and recent use after controlling for possible confounders (odds ratio 9.57, p<0.01).”

  3. Some things not mentioned on your page. All drugs effect a developing mind, not just illegal drugs. I hope you all keep your kids off anti-depressants and Ritalin! You say that marijuana use leads to schizophrenia. If that were true, with the increase in marijuana use in the last several decades, there should be a corresponding increase in the amount of people suffering from schizophrenia. Oddly enough, that has not happened. You mention that states were making marijuana illegal before legislation from the federal level. You do not discuss the reasons why, for either the states or for the feds. Those who have studied history know that racism and money played the biggest roles in those decisions. You mention AA being started after alcohol prohibition was repealed. You never mentioned why alcohol prohibition ended, because of the increase in crime that prohibition led to. The same way prohibition of marijuana has led to an increase in crime. Oddly enough, making things illegal do not stop people from purchasing and using these illicit substances. Prohibition does not stop crime, it funds it. Many groups that back prohibition receive donations from organized crime (like Mexican cartels) whom know it is in their best interest to keep prohibition going strong. A couple things prohibition does stop, is people from seeking help, be it for mental problems or for crimes done to them. You mention that alcohol leaves the body’s system much sooner then THC, while neglecting to mention that alcohol can lead to death by overdose (commonly called alcohol poisoning) in a very short period of time whilst that does not happen with marijuana unless you are a Reese monkey who has a gas mask strapped over your face with massive amounts of smoke (and no oxygen) being forced into your body leading to death by asphyxiation. You do not talk at all about the negative affects that prohibition has had on our society. I can only assume that your loved ones have never been incarcerated for smoking a joint and do not know the impacts that having a record has a people. Marijuana prohibition is far more harmful then marijuana. I could go on for days, but I know that you and your group choose to believe the propaganda that has been fed to you over the last several decades. My only hope is that those who come on this site for legitimate information will read this and know that your site, and others like it do not offer unbiased information that can be used to form an opinion based on truth and facts. If you care about your children at all, you would want illicit substances removed from the black market (that sells to anyone) and brought forward onto main street where it can be regulated, taxed, and only sold to adults.

    1. 1) We are against Ritalin, Adderall and believe anti-depressants have been overused. You will find articles on our website that specifically address that issue. In fact we would not be surprised if the liberal use of these drugs is priming our children for addiction

      2) We were not aware of the tracking system for schizophrenia. National Institute of Health doesn’t have that information, so it would be very helpful if you could lead us to where the incidences of Schizophrenia can be traced over time. What countries are you talking about?

      3) We support informing all children of the dangers of binge drinking and not a social system that assumes everyone will overdo it.

  4. Have you not seen the data showing very clearly that marijuana use shields the brains of binge drinkers from alcohol damage? The effect is profound, a serious reduction in white matter damage for pot smokers vs. alcohol only. There is a growing body of evidence that marijuana’s cannabinoids effectively replicate/supplement the health-guarding properties of our internal cannabinoids which is why large population studies show frequent pot smokers experience significantly lower rates of many if not all cancers, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease as well as suicides. Since marijuana use creates significant protection from the big killers and misery generating diseases, we need to work harder to get more adults using some form of marijuana at least three times per week. Imagine the savings for public health care if we can expand use and really get those cancer, diabetes and Alzheimers rates down, not to mention the decrease in human misery. Science has spoken, marijuana lowers the pathological influences common to many different disease processes-inflammation, oxidative harm, immune dysfunction. Yay!

    1. Marijuana has more than 60 + cannabinoids. Some cannabinoids counteract the effects of other cannabinoids. Also, we have a pharmacologist with a PhD from U of Colorado who advises us. Marijuana causes more brain damage thant any other drug, including cocaine, LSD and heroin, though it is less addicting than cocaine and heroin. We are concerned that a substance which has tiny bits to help with one thing had multiple ways of working against what it is doing. You need to stop promoting your book on our website. We won’t post anything by you again. We represent parents whose children have been damaged and destroyed by marijuana, in crippling ways. Another misconception:
      THC doesn’t “resemble” anandamide at all. It’s chemical structure is totally different, and that difference is one reason why it’s effect may be so damaging. It interacts with the same systems as anandamide, but that interaction is also totally different because its structure is so different.
      Clint— you are trying to build an audience for your book, and we won’t respond to your comments again, nor publish them.

  5. Where are you getting these statistics from??? Have you ever even tried it? I can rattle off some facts that would blow your mind!! I dont even smoke it!! I HAVE … but not in possibly years!! 7% percent of Americans use it??? you kidding me?? Your Statistics crumble in the state of California ALONE???

    1. With that comment both you and this author are ones who used years ago, before the high THC content cannabis became the norm. The cannabis today is an altered, hydroponic plant that has been modified to be 3x-10x stronger. The statistics come from SAMHSA. However, this is a rough average since 2010, as the surveys do come out every year but will change a bit. Some states (Utah, North Dakota, Kansas, Louisiana) simply have very low usage, so maybe that is why you are surprised.

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